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I made a killer presentation on the empathy of DISC profiling – and got fired for my efforts.

What? Me worry?The presentation I made to The 21 Convention in Tampa in October of 2014 has finally been made available. I spoke on the underlying empathy strategies that result in the DISC personality profile, providing a scorecard to human … Continue reading

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Empathy for the Incandescent: Using the DISC system to understand the cast of Entourage.

“You will note that there are no C’s at all in the group. This is why Vinnie, who is paid millions of dollars per movie, is always broke. No one in the family can make a buck last from now … Continue reading

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DISC-my-way MY way: Rushing you to a backwards-and-forwards understanding of human motivation.

Someone said, “If you can’t fit your idea on the back of a business card, you don’t have a clear idea.” I think doing the whole job in verse makes the point even better.Now there’s doggerel worthy of Kipling. That’s … Continue reading

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Building the perfect Greek: Since DISC is cultivated, we can raise ever-better kids.

The persuasive miracle you seek is not just possible – it’s simple! You’re just talking to the wrong people.Photo by: gemteck1I know how to build Hoplite Greeks – Testudo fathers and mothers – self-responsible parents raising self-responsible parents, generation after … Continue reading

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DISC is a universal shaling for the universe each one of us will perfect.

What am I running from? Every race I didn’t win.Photo by: Tsutomu TakasuNow that’s an opaque headline. I’m pretty sure the only person on earth who pays close attention to the things I say is me. That might be a … Continue reading

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The DISC of Ayn Rand’s anti-family philosophy and how it promotes human misery.

You wanted to know what explains the Incandescent/Cautious female harridans and the Cautious/Incandescent male involuntary-celibates of the libertarian movement: It is this formula for human misery concocted by Ayn Rand.This started as a comment. Then it grew. If you have … Continue reading

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The DISC of #Trump – why he is a thug and why he will grow evermore thuggish.

This is what a child’s face looks like when he realizes his father will not yield to his affected display of infinite pain. Within his home, Fred Trump was the Irreproachable. What did that make troublesome young Donald?I know how … Continue reading

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