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What’s wrong with @realDonaldTrump’s domestic agenda? It’s the #Marxism, stupid!

Donald Trump and the Seven Genocidal Evils of Marxism in 3.5 minutes flat:

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Donald #Trump is Prince Hal, not Henry V. Here’s how you can spot the tells.

Cleaning up this mess? Now that would be women’s work.Once more unto the breach: This weekend’s events demonstrate that newly-anointed President Donald Trump is an Incandescent temperament, not a Driven personality. (Say whuuut? If you’re new, here’s the Cliff’s Notes … Continue reading

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In my high school comedy of manners, #Trump would be the goofy kid-brother stalking horse for #Cruz.

Who wants to buy ‘Frankenstein’ retold as a high school farce?Photo by: Peter StevensFrom December 10, 2015: Call this a movie treatment. I’ll flesh it out and make it farcical fiction when somebody’s check clears the bank. For now, the … Continue reading

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Contra @realDonaldTrump, @Nero, @StefanMolyneux – and Eric Cartman: Tu quoque is never okay.

An Incandescent in power will always become a Cautious tyrant. And #BrotherYouAskedForIt!The Army of Cartmans marches on – to its terminal peril – with new generals, and now with an even more tragic end goal. This week’s Church of Splendor … Continue reading

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#BrotherYouAskedForIt: #Trump thrall @Nero parades on a litter borne by his pretend slaves.

@Nero’s litter bearers deserve what they will get. No one pretends to be a slave for long.Opposing evil with evil assures the triumph of evil. Until I saw that photo, I hadn’t known I could be even more disgusted by … Continue reading

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You know #Trump is a monster. What do you plan to tell your children when he comes for you – or for them?

No one does smug like a lifelong thug.Will you feed your kids to this monster?The Republicans are screwed: They have reduced their options to Benito Mussolini versus Frank Underwood. The worst of it is, the election will be won by … Continue reading

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#NeverTrump and #NeverHillary: The most self-loving way I can think of to vote for slavery-by-proxy.

There are a lot of different ways to think about voting, most of which are just quasi-religious white noise to me. But the issue of voting — do it or don’t, and, if so, how and why? — has gnawed … Continue reading

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