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Righting Ayn Rand’s wrongs: Family endures. Everything else is temporary.

You say you want a better world? I want for your grandchildren to sail through the air on a tire swing hung from a tree you planted.Photo by: Jim PennucciAyn Rand only got three things seriously wrong. I know that’s … Continue reading

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The DISC of Ayn Rand’s anti-family philosophy and how it promotes human misery.

You wanted to know what explains the Incandescent/Cautious female harridans and the Cautious/Incandescent male involuntary-celibates of the libertarian movement: It is this formula for human misery concocted by Ayn Rand.This started as a comment. Then it grew. If you have … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand’s 7 helpful tips for wrecking your marriage with a total, lifelong commitment.

That Robert Tracinski is a hard-working carney!Photo by: Paul SablemanRobert Tracinski braced yet another cleansing ritual yesterday, seeking absolution from the goddess of his idolatry with his umpteenth mountain of cotton-candy praise. Kim Jong-un should have such an apple polisher. … Continue reading

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You could win the first-ever Ayn Rand Mother’s Day Essay Contest!

“Harry Potter! I am your father…!”Nattering pointlessly at Robert Tracinski, I hammered on this notion: Meanwhile, self-responsible fatherhood is the sole source of human civilization, and on that score Rand = Rowling = Marx. To the extent that children are … Continue reading

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Waiting for Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Inst. to come clean about the Planned Parenthood videos?

Busily butt-bussing billionaires: Yaron Brook is pimping a book about being a full-time professional pimp for full-time professional rent-seekers.You could have had a baby by now. Yes, the evader-in-chief of the Ayn Rand Institute has let nine precious months slip … Continue reading

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Anti-#abortion theater: Getting right everything @YaronBrook and the #AynRand Institute get wrong.

Nature is just. Accordingly, you can’t slaughter your child without slaughtering your self, too.Photo by: Fibonacci BlueAs I noted yesterday, Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute is today putting on his cowardly lion costume, publicly pretending to answer any … Continue reading

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I can ask the Ayn Rand Institute’s Yaron Brook anything? How many of my abortion questions can he evade?

Tune in Saturday for“As the Worm Squirms.”This is choice: ASK YARON ANYTHING! Ask Yaron and you shall receive. It’s true. This Saturday, February 20, Yaron Brook will devote the entire show to answering your questions. Join Yaron here, at 2:30 … Continue reading

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