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Humanizing the Harvey Weinstein saga, thus to find redemption – and #MyKindOfBenedy – everywhere.

There but for the grace of fortune go you.The headline isn’t even a challenge: I did it Saturday. I left most of the work on Harvey’s desk, but I showed you how the man can still be lovable and human, … Continue reading

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RIP #NFL. Meanwhile, on @Netflix: See fathers validating daughters in a #MyKindOfBenedy double-feature.

If Sheldon Cooper and Holden Caulfield ever fought over a girl, Carrie Pilby would be the prize.Q: Why should an NFL team hire Colin Kaepernick? A: Because he hasn’t alienated all the fans yet. Q: Why would NFL players go … Continue reading

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#MyKindOfBenedy: #RealityHigh is a black-middle-class teen family mean-girls rom-com with everything!

Can nerdy-glam Dani find love?You’ll want to know – and that’s art’s job.That’s a joke, of course. “#RealityHigh” on Netflix is short only a slasher to fill out the entire teen-movie dance card. We start with “Carrie,” which sets up … Continue reading

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“News School.” An, edgy inspirational #MyKindOfBenedy peopled with gorgeous people.

The Iron Law of Television: There is no better television than television-about-television. Program accordingly.Illustration by: Diego Albero RománThis is not something I’ve written, just a treatment I wrote a few months ago to get the story out of my head. … Continue reading

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#MyKindOfBenedy from my own catalog: Gambling on a hundred “Rocky” stories in Las Vegas.

Pulling a hundred “Rocky” stories out of one broke gambler.The Willie stories are full of movies. Not all of them are benedies, of course – I’ve only been thinking this way for four years, and I’ve only had the terms benedy and maledy … Continue reading

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No one wants to fail, and each one of us desperately wants to believe he can prevail. It’s a simple story: Hard work pays off. Learn better, work at it, do better – and you’ll do better. But by telling … Continue reading

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#MyKindOfBenedy: Notes on a reconciliation with satire.

Just when you thought nothing could be more enduringly funny than the shopping mall choo-choo train itself…1. As always, comedy is a misleading term, since you can make fun of people either as farce or as satire. 2. That comes … Continue reading

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