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Leadership beckons – and it’s looking right at you!

Leadership beckons. You split yourself from the herd and you turn and you beckon and you lead love toward love for love. That’s the only reason to lead, and, accordingly, it’s the only reason anyone ever actually does lead.Photo by: … Continue reading

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Wealth is character: Seeing The Dutch Uncle Game as a thriving Multi-Level-Leadership network.

“Hey kid! Know any sociopaths?”Photo by: Richard ElzeyI mentioned yesterday that The Dutch Uncle Game contains within it the means to build a kick-ass multi-level-marketing network. MLM has a terrible reputation in the U.S., so after consultation, I’ve resolved to … Continue reading

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Donald #Trump’s fatal conceit? You can’t fake leadership.

You were expecting Henry V? More fool you.What cost Donald Trump Iowa? The man is a phony – and everyone knows it. I’ve written too much about this loser already, and I expect there will be more to be heard … Continue reading

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John Wayne, John Galt and John McClane walk into a bar. Why does each of them come out alone?

“No. You’re wrong, punk.I’m the real plastic Jesus!”Photo by: Esparta PalmaNo, I’m not making a joke. I can come up with my own dumb-joke premises, thank you. And I’m not teaching Pickup For Swarthy Brutes. No, instead I’m talking about… … Continue reading

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No one wants to fail, and each one of us desperately wants to believe he can prevail. It’s a simple story: Hard work pays off. Learn better, work at it, do better – and you’ll do better. But by telling … Continue reading

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What to do with the end of an endless Summer: Smile, study me and thrive!

Driven-sociability. It’s not just worth reading about: It’s how we survive.The curse of long holiday weekends is that time can hang heavy on your hands. Still worse, every source of new online content goes off for it’s own bar-be-que. Apparently, … Continue reading

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Wealth is invested capital? Intellectual capital? Humanity’s sole wealth is the drive to survive.

Leadership beckons: When no one knows what to do, humanity’s sole benefactor is the man who does.Watched any news this week? A good week for Trump, a bad one for KimFatty, total devastation for every-other-day media whores like Elon Musk … Continue reading

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