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Leadership beckons – and it’s looking right at you!

Leadership beckons. You split yourself from the herd and you turn and you beckon and you lead love toward love for love. That’s the only reason to lead, and, accordingly, it’s the only reason anyone ever actually does lead.Photo by: … Continue reading

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Wealth is character: Seeing The Dutch Uncle Game as a thriving Multi-Level-Leadership network.

“Hey kid! Know any sociopaths?”Photo by: Richard ElzeyI mentioned yesterday that The Dutch Uncle Game contains within it the means to build a kick-ass multi-level-marketing network. MLM has a terrible reputation in the U.S., so after consultation, I’ve resolved to … Continue reading

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Donald #Trump’s fatal conceit? You can’t fake leadership.

You were expecting Henry V? More fool you.What cost Donald Trump Iowa? The man is a phony – and everyone knows it. I’ve written too much about this loser already, and I expect there will be more to be heard … Continue reading

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A brief history of the four most-intellectually-productive years of my life: 2017.

I had four great years this year, in three disciplines: Character, education and aestethics/fiction. Click the links to learn what you’ve missed. You can study me now or later, with the only difference being the Splendor you will have lost … Continue reading

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What happens when #MeToo meets #BanBossy?

Ci women bosses are even worse as leaders than Ci men bosses, and, accordingly, they scream at their subordinates even more than the manicured man-boys they are alleged to be equal to.What do you suppose Ci women bosses scream about?Photo … Continue reading

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If you are in despair at the end of #NaNoWriMo, consider writing my way.

“Yeah, but what does the divan look like?”Illustration by: Lewis MinorWe are nearing the end of yet another “National Novel Writing Month,” which suggests to me that a few people will have accomplished something and a lot of people will … Continue reading

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How to get the hell out of Hades: If you’ve got an hour and a dollar, Dusty will change your life.

What can a dumbass dog teach you about hope and love? Not much. Just the parts you’ve been getting wrong…Brother Willie wrote a brand new Kindle book for Thanksgiving: Dusty: An elegy of hope and love. It’s not a long … Continue reading

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