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Patriot’s Day II: The best a man can get: How to live and die as a happy man.

From March of 2014: Imagine yourself dying. Are you joyful or gloomy? Does your mind frolic in a meadow of happy memories, or are you failing to escape a dungeon of regrets. Are you surrounded by people who love you? … Continue reading

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Who benefits from the #RachelDolezal and #CaitlynJenner feeding frenzies? And how could this get any funnier?

“Sister, please…” #RachelDolezal and #CaitlynJenner are softening up black voters to accept #MichelleObama as America’s first tranny #POTUS. Is that true? Who knows? But it sure is funny… Sunday at The Church of Splendor:

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#MothersDay makes for a good brunch, but the #BaltimoreUprising shows us why #fatherhood matters much more.

The people who will matter tomorrow are the children who are being well-brought-up today, and well-brought-up means well-fathered.Photo by: Julian PoveyWhat’s the most important thing to talk about every year at Mother’s Day? Fatherlessness. Last year I spoke about the … Continue reading

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#BruceJenner, #feminism, #MGTOW, Captain Capitalism and Heartiste are all aligned against normal human sexuality.

Outliers are not worth thinking about. What’s worth thinking about is what is normal.Human beings thrive in families. Yelling at that fact will not change it. Sunday’s homily, Defending normality by NOT celebrating diversity, manages to connect Bruce Jenner’s coming … Continue reading

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Who is @WhoIsAlexJacob and how does putting Alex Trebek on tilt on @Jeopardy advance the cause of #liberty?

Revenge of the Nerd: “Hate me harder so I can win even more.”Life is a benedy, y’all, and the only newspaper-news worth attending to is good news. The best news in the week just past? Poker pro and currency trader … Continue reading

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The Fifth Rule of The Church of Splendor: Never play the other man’s game.

Celebrating three years of Man Alive and the first year of The Church of Splendor with a recounting of the rules I live my intellectual life by. These are the five (so far) rules of The Church of Splendor: 1. … Continue reading

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How @DreamExec Mike McNally helped me #DreamReal about orgasmic splendor.

The Affectionate DisplayMy favorite job title is Poet. Why? No license, no union, no credentialism. If you can learn, you will. If you can’t, you won’t waste my time.I grow regardless.I think I must have cabin fever. Whenever I get … Continue reading

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