I don’t go to your church

When I start a church, I’m going to call it The Second Church of I-Don’t-Go-To-Your-Church.

But: I’d love it if you would go to mine:

Love offerings lovingly accepted.

This is my life’s work, but it is not my livelihood, at least not yet. I would love it if you would compete for my time by compensating me for this work. You can free up my time to think, to write and to speak — to evangelize egoism — by paying me for the work I have done so far and for the work I will do in the future.

You don’t have to do this, obviously. Most of us hold ideas in contempt most of the time, and, besides, the internet is all about getting stuff for free. But the more time I spend doing other work to keep body and soul together, the less time I will have to do this work. If you want for this work to be done, you need to pay for it.

Here are three ways you can go:

1. Make a one-time payment for the work I have done here.

One Time Payment

2. Make a monthly payment to support my ongoing work.

Monthly Subscription

3. Commission an essay or engage me to speak at your event.

I am willing to take on any topic in moral philosophy if you will make it worth my while. Drop me a line and let’s negotiate.

I am delighted to speak anywhere, anywhen, and I am interested in any opportunity you can come up with for me to evangelize egoism. I am rich in ideas that, so far, few of us seem to prize. If you value the idea of self-adoration in the way I do, let’s talk about how we can increase our numbers.