DISC is how you choose and why.

Photo by: David Geitgey Sierralupe

DISC as I use that term is a way of understanding most human choices as the habituated outcome of empathy strategies adopted in childhood. Toddlers deploy admixtures of strategies based on reptilian or mammalian empathy, and tend thereafter to be more solitary or more social, more aggressive or more affectionate and more unilateral or more mutually-reciprocal in their value pursuits.

More simply: DISC is how you choose and why.

DISC is the map to your character, your past and future biography, the predictor of your relationships and the path to your redemption. DISC is how humans effect their humanity, and, accordingly, to understand DISC my way is to understand people.

DISC around here means DISC-my-way. Whatever the merits of every flavor of old-school DISC, none of them are defended in empathy strategies, so I neither know nor care anything about them.

And: DISC around here is a moving target. I’m learning all the time, and I’m always adding new tools to my workbench. Generally speaking, the older a particular post is, the more likely it is to reflect older, less-complete thinking.

And I ain’t done yet.

So: First just DISC: Easy, harder, deeper and why bother?

The DISC of you: The origin of character.

More: Marriage, family, fatherhood, staffing, leadership, politics, education.

And still more.