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DISC is how you choose and why.Photo by: David Geitgey SierralupeDISC as I use that term is a way of understanding most human choices as the habituated outcome of empathy strategies adopted in childhood. Toddlers deploy admixtures of strategies based … Continue reading

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DISC is biology? Politics? No. DISC is an easily-seen map to your – and everyone’s – priorities.

“You want to be seen? Dude! You can’t hide!” When someone is being his authentic, unaffected self, he will show you his DISC type by showing you his empathy strategy by showing you his social praxis by showing you his … Continue reading

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If the very best fathers are Dsci, what would be the ideal DISC strategy for a Dutch Uncle to deploy?

There is no Ideal Man, but there is an ideal Dutch Uncle DISC profile: Dsci.Photo by: Kaaren PerryHard to come up with a question more obtuse than that. But answering it repays effort, I think. If you are an actual Dutch Uncle in … Continue reading

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PEAK is built for peak performance, so why don’t you PEAK yourself? How? By PEAKing your DISC profile.

You say, “Self-improvement?”I say, “Go PEAK yourself!”Sindre Paulsen said something that made me realize my biggest failure to be clear about ThriversEd: PEAK is DISC, weighted. We’re going to teach DISC to kids, practically from birth. They will grow into … Continue reading

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DISC-my-way MY way: Rushing you to a backwards-and-forwards understanding of human motivation.

Someone said, “If you can’t fit your idea on the back of a business card, you don’t have a clear idea.” I think doing the whole job in verse makes the point even better.Now there’s doggerel worthy of Kipling. That’s … Continue reading

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The DISC of staffing: Find the right shoe, first, then find the right foot for it.

If the new guy is a clown – so is the guy who hired him. Doing better – much better – is not just doable but simple.Photo by: Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist BureauHere’s a sphincter-clencher for anyone who manages people: … Continue reading

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Building the perfect Greek: Since DISC is cultivated, we can raise ever-better kids.

The persuasive miracle you seek is not just possible – it’s simple! You’re just talking to the wrong people.Photo by: gemteck1I know how to build Hoplite Greeks – Testudo fathers and mothers – self-responsible parents raising self-responsible parents, generation after … Continue reading

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