DISC is a universal shaling for the universe each one of us will perfect.

What am I running from? Every race I didn’t win.

Photo by: Tsutomu Takasu

Now that’s an opaque headline. I’m pretty sure the only person on earth who pays close attention to the things I say is me. That might be a definition of madness just by itself, but that doesn’t make the statement false. To the contrary, if I am the only person learning from me, at least I’m learning a lot.

Witness: Just now, this morning:

The objective of the empathy strategy each one of us is deploying in his DISC profile is TheUniverseWhereIFitIn or TheUniverseThatFitsMePerfectly.

There is no alternative to the existential, obviously, and yet we each one of us continuously insists that the universe will only make sense when it conforms to our expectations.

The DISC behavior is shaling, the persistent propitiation of that universe, the one that works properly at last.

This is madness, of course, life-long habituated madness – and each one of us is doing it all the time!

Among other interesting corollaries, that is what makes horse races.

I’ll have more in due course. At least one of us will learn from my efforts.

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