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Ayn Rand’s 7 helpful tips for wrecking your marriage with a total, lifelong commitment.

That Robert Tracinski is a hard-working carney!Photo by: Paul SablemanRobert Tracinski braced yet another cleansing ritual yesterday, seeking absolution from the goddess of his idolatry with his umpteenth mountain of cotton-candy praise. Kim Jong-un should have such an apple polisher. … Continue reading

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Sacrificing Diana: Prometheus was fed to the vultures. His captors warm their hands by the fire.

What’s better than an ideal? An idol. All belief, no follow-through. What’s even better than that? An icon. If you’ve got a pocket, you’ve got redemption. Now how hard was that?Image by: jay pangan 3The hagiography of Princes Di is … Continue reading

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What’s the secret to raising generation after generation of great families? The right map.

Us against the world?This is how it’s done.The only families who reliably raise great families – good kids who grow up to raise good kids – are what I call Testudo families: Dad has persuaded everyone in the family to … Continue reading

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Oliver Stone’s “Talk Radio” is the most Ibsen-like, Greek-like drama ever committed to film.

We watched Talk Radio tonight, as a kind of rom-com palate-cleanser. It’s one of my all-time favorite films, but it is every bit a maledy, and I’ve been avoiding maledies. Still. Wow. Always. The second act is weak, but the … Continue reading

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When Kate became Nora: “Calm down, get married, have kids, cultivate joy.”

A woman’s place is in the home –as CEO of a staff of dozens.What would be Act IV of Kate and Leopold? Act I of A Doll’s House. And when Nora Helmer finally gets everything she’s been shaling for – … Continue reading

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In a world stripped of its striving by sneering hiveminds, will porn become a classic art form?

If you dare to play in public, among strangers, you can easily tell if the sounds you’re making are actually music: If Toddlers, at a minimum, dance to it – you hit the target.Photo by: jabradshaw10When I write too much, … Continue reading

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Greg Swann, Di: Indomitable? Always. Exuberant? Usually. Insufferable? Never to me. YMMV.

I grow regardless.I feel like humanity’s most-wasted resource. Nobody talks to me, even though I believe I have more of moment to say than anyone. (Yes, I know that’s hubris. My take: If I haven’t earned it, how did I … Continue reading

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