When I say, “Who wants a handful of red hot Willie for the New Year?” – you say, “#MeToo!”

“Whose Festivus do you have to grab to get some laughs around here?”

Cover illustration by the incomparable
DonkeyHotey | Creative Commons.

New for the New Year:

Bubba: How the Predator-in-Chief pulled it off.

What is it? Twenty years of brutal jokes – with songs!

As implausible as it might seem, a theme emerges from fifteen Willie stories written across twenty years: Hillary Clinton is a battered wife. It’s hard not to say “None so deserving,” but it’s there, regardless. Willie first saw it in 1998 – the garden party events he describes are all strictly factual, supported by contemporary photos and video. That much is not funny, but it’s there all the way to the end of the book.

Sad to say, there’s a movie in here. Manny Kant shines in the second act, which I had not foreseen. I wonder where his hands have been…

Buy the book. It only costs a buck, so that’s no objection. What’s left? Afraid you’ll learn something that makes your shoes pinch? Afraid you’ll laugh?

For all of me, I wish you would gift this book upstream to whomever you think it will amuse or annoy the most. Prometheus freed us from the gods, but it is laughter that frees us from tyrants.

When you mock Bubba, you mock ignominy, abomination, insolence and profanation.

What could be funnier than that?

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