#BrotherYouAskedForIt: #Trump thrall @Nero parades on a litter borne by his pretend slaves.

@Nero’s litter bearers deserve what they will get. No one pretends to be a slave for long.

@Nero’s litter bearers deserve what they will get. No one pretends to be a slave for long.

Opposing evil with evil assures the triumph of evil.

Until I saw that photo, I hadn’t known I could be even more disgusted by Milo Yiannopoulos, aka @Nero — which appellation is ever more obviously apposite.

This pathetic little popinjay, Eric Cartman made flashy, is just the symptom, though. #Trump is the disease.

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The three most important words in all of human scholarship? “I was wrong.”

You had to learn how to make that simple hand gesture – and it wasn’t easy at first.

Photo b]y: sylvar

We are bombarded with science “news” thrust upon us by Cautious academics – almost all of it tendentious.

Here’s an example from earlier this month: Science Says the First Born Child Is the Most Intelligent. A first-born child is an only child until the first sibling comes along, and, accordingly, will tend to be more highly rewarded for demonstrating adult behaviors, especially Cautious behaviors. To its credit, the cited “science” notes some of this. What it misses is that it measures only “intelligence” as it is prized by “science,” missing out on the wonderful expressions of human ingenuity more often exhibited by second- and later-born children. First-born children look more like nerds to nerds, and this is all the “study” actually demonstrates.

This week’s Church of Splendor homily takes up the tendentiousness of science “news” with a very simple practical demonstration – teaching children how to make common hand signals:

What can we learn from such a simple example? Simply this: The people telling you that you know nothing and they know everything know quite a bit less than they claim to, and much of what they claim to know is wrong. When they have guts enough to admit their errors, that’s when they can be trusted.

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RIP Guy Clark: Some days you rob the train. Some days the train robs you.

Per my friend David Brodie, yesterday was supposed to be Happy Day, but the passing of Guy Clark made it a very sad day for me. More than Townes van Zandt, more than Leonard Cohen, much more than Bob Dylan, Guy Clark could put over a song and make you believe it, make you feel it from the inside. American music isn’t music, it’s poetry. We lost a great poet yesterday.

Here’s a clip to show the man’s raw power, but you should watch the whole show. This is what pop music – five writers, fourteen players, six dancers and autotune – cannot do:

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Letting kids be kids. Inducing children to make choices about sexuality is child sexual abuse.

“Hey, little girl. Wanna catch the gay gene?”

“Hey, little girl. Wanna catch the gay gene?”

Homosexuality is an unavoidable, inescapable non-lethal birth defect, and, accordingly, children must be recruited into it by every possible means.

Wait… What…?

The claim that homosexuality is a genetic defect, much like epilepsy, seems hugely dubious to me, with the best evidence for my doubts being the relentless campaigning to induct children into the cult of same-sex attraction. Taking account that many, most or even virtually all self-professed homosexuals claim to have been victims of childhood sexual abuse, a more likely theory would seem to be that the Pied Piper’s Gay Pride Parade seeks to identify, isolate and groom potential new candidates for childhood sexual abuse, in the end recruiting still more lifelong homosexuals.

This week’s news brings us two new onslaughts in the war on human biology and normal family life by the ‘love’ you dare not identify as decadence: The demand that Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” franchise be rendered a lesbian and President Obama’s order that all public schools make their bathrooms and locker rooms transgender-neutral.

As I noted the other day, the later putsch is a boon for home-schooling, so the net long-term effect could be very positive. But in the short run, these two campaigns, along with the rest of the gay agenda, serve to silence the opposition while making our children that much more vulnerable to a life of barren self-destruction.

What’s the solution? The Clan Testudo, of course. The world is preying on your children, and to protect them, you must isolate them from the worst influences of the world until they are mature enough to make their choices wisely.

That’s the theme of this week’s Church of Splendor homily: The best choice for your kids? No choice.

All purposive human behavior is chosen, and adults are free to make what I might consider to be poor choices – over and over again. I dispute that there is anything either gay or loving about ‘gay love,’ but your mileage may vary and how you choose to execute your life is none of my damn business anyway. But if your obsession extends (more…)

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Public school is now pervert school, so I bring you “Uncle Willie’s World-Class High School In A Matchbook Cover.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.45.13 AMThe world’s greatest gun salesman is now also the world’s greatest promoter of home schooling. Accordingly, I will revisit an ideal high school curriculum I devised a while back:

Parents: If your children have mastered geometry and Latin, they can learn anything else they might wish, with a dedicated plan or on any whim, at any depth of rigor they choose, to complete world-class mastery if they so choose – or even to unimagined leaps of mind, once minds are fully free to leap and lope and surf and soar at will. However you handle their education through the tween years, your goals should be aimed toward complete mastery of those two very rigorous disciplines. I want music, I want lots more math, and art, art, art. But people who master those two subjects can think, and in consequence they will be able to learn anything else they might want.

And, heck, that sounds like a publishing business. We’ll give it to Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie, because he’s nicer than me. Hence:

Uncle Willie’s World-Class High School In A Matchbook Cover.

That’s the outside. Once you pay your nickel, you get the full curriculum, printed on the inside cover:

Latin, Geometry,
to full mastery.

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Robert @Tracinski gets Rotarian Socialism. Why can’t @YaronBrook and the #AynRand Inst. catch a clue?

If your ideal is at odds with reality, your claims are useless.

If your ideal is at odds with reality, your claims are useless.

Do you watch “Shark Tank” on ABC? We rarely miss it. I like to see eager strivers showing how they’re putting a dent in the universe – and I like to evaluate their presentation skills. But watching the investors is worthwhile, also. A “Shark Tank” pitch is a better mousetrap, and three cheers for innovation. But a “Shark Tank” deal is a business model, where the term ‘business model’ almost always means a plan to exclude potential competitors. Kevin O’Leary and Laurie Grenier are particularly adamant about spiking the competition, but all of the investors seek to know how the wantrepreneurs plan to extract maximum profits from their businesses by making it difficult or impossible for other vendors to compete.

How do they do this? By rent-seeking, of course, especially by deploying the patent system to forbid alternative mousetraps.

The argument for intellectual property law is utilitarian: Forbidding Jerry to profit from what he has learned from Jim’s innovations is bad for Jerry, but it’s good for everyone else, the claim runs, since without the state imposing monopoly protection to Jim’s exclusive benefit, Jim will have no incentive to innovate in the first place. The proposition itself is dubious, and utilitarianism is never more that elaborately-rationalized crime. In an actually-free society, how Jim defends his property is his own problem, not something to be collectivized in pursuit of alleged collective benefits. And whatever argument there might have been for patent laws in 1789, it is by now obvious that the patent system is simply odious rent-seeking.

The same logic applies to every other kind of government “help” for business: It is all Rotarian Socialism – lining Jim’s pockets with wealth extracted by threat of violence from Jerry and everyone else.

The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski gets this, at least with respect to full-time professional rent-seeker Elon Musk. Good on him. I expect he might trip over the larger problem, though: Rotarian Socialism is the only kind of business left in America.

Which brings me to my pet bête noire, Yaron Brook, evader-in-chief (more…)

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For Moms on Mother’s Day: The best way to express your motherhood? Stand by your man.

What’s most worth celebrating on Mother’s Day? Fatherhood.

Photo by: Claudia Heidelberger

This is true: Everything that is wrong with everything is wrong because the remnants of Western Civilization have spent the last 200 years undermining fatherhood.

This is not a new argument around here, of course, but it’s still news to the larger culture. We seek to blame doctrines or education or Hollywood for the decadence of The West, but decay is what happens when men are robbed of their reasons for resisting it.

Love, sex, marriage and family are all initiated and sustained by men, and when women try to usurp these roles, all of civilization falls to chaos. If you want a civil libertarian society, you want male leadership. And if you won’t abide male leadership, you want tyranny by default.

This week Instapundit linked to a Federalist post insisting that mothers prevent statism, to which I reacted with vigor:

This could not be more false. Fatherless families are arms of the state. That’s why Marxism has made war on fatherhood from its inception. Only fathers, modern-day exponents of the Hoplite Greek ideal, can resist tyranny in all forms.

This is the subject of this week’s Church of Splendor homily: “Sorry, Moms: You’re just a wave, you’re not the water.”

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