How @DreamExec Mike McNally helped me #DreamReal about orgasmic splendor.

The Affectionate DisplayMy favorite job title is Poet. Why? No license, no union, no credentialism. If you can learn, you will. If you can't, you won't waste my time. I grow regardless.

The Affectionate DisplayMy favorite job title is Poet. Why? No license, no union, no credentialism. If you can learn, you will. If you can’t, you won’t waste my time.I grow regardless.

I think I must have cabin fever. Whenever I get a chance to talk about my ideas, I rain, I geyser, I gusher, I seed and flower and summer and harvest all in one world-sized breath. And mind you, I’m pushing out a half-hour or more of The Church of Splendor every week – and I present for a living!

And I am deeply indebted to BlogCaster Michael McNally of The Dream Executive and LondonReal.TV for letting me demonstrate the idea of living life with the commitment of a continuous orgasm by having a fully-committed verbal orgasm in response to each one of his very-well-considered questions.

I like what Mike is doing: His #DreamReal hashtag speaks to me in detail. I had a marvelous time talking to him, and his questions took us all over the vast terrain I am mapping. I always feel bad for the interviewer when I do these things, but I love, love, love the soaring feeling that comes from living my values from the Continue reading

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How not to be misled by bad ‘science’…

‘Scientists’ who take government money say what the government wants said. This is news to you?

‘Scientists’ who take government money say what the government wants said. This is news to you?

Once you accept that a government ‘scientist’ will say what he is told to say – what then?

This week at The Church of Splendor: How to focus your mind on the values that actually matter in your life and stop wasting your time on trivia that wouldn’t matter even if it were true.

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The how and why of a happy marriage and family in five minutes.

Father's DayMore Married. More Husband. More Father. More Man.Available at

Father’s Day
More Married. More Husband. More Father. More Man.

Available at

Michael McNally of The Dream Executive interviewed me recently for his podcast. The full episode will be available soon, but here’s a short clip that’s near and dear to my heart: What makes happy marriages work and how you can have that joy in your own life:

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#BlurredLines: WC Handy wants his song back.

The #BlurredLines judgment erases all creativity.

American popular music is built on a very spare music theory. Virtually all of it can be reduced to just four very simple songs, with one – the 12 Bar Blues, originally attributed to WC Handy – easily accounting for 80% of everything.

This week at The Church of Splendor, why the #BlurredLines judgement is disastrous for pop composers – and for anyone who loves music.

Oh, yes, it’s music theory in church. Plus: Me culpa. I’m speaking without notes and I mangled the structure of Pachelebel’s Canon. Should be: I, V, vi, iii, IV, I, IV, V. Learn to listen for it and you’ll hear it everywhere.

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What should you do? Act upon the universe as it really is.

It’s Splendor or Squalor – and everybody’s gotta take a side…Photo by: Martin Talbot

Got a taste for a mouthful of big words? My favorites are these: Ontologically-consonant teleology. What that means is conforming your moral philosophy to the true facts of reality.

In this week’s Church of Splendor video, reprised from June of 2012, we take up the idea of ontologically-consonant teleology by contrasting it, first, with the teleologically useless idea of determinism, then by exploring an article about pandemic cheating.

I mention in passing my post about the performances people enact in preference to living as authentic selves.

And all of this harkens back to my discussion about how you can make the changes you long for in your life.

This is how reality works: If you act upon your self, upon your life and your surroundings and upon the people you love as those things really are, you can attain your values. And if instead you insist that everything “must be” as you already know it is not, you will frustrate your goals now, and you will render yourself progressively less competent to achieve your values going forward.

This is the way your world really works, regardless of what you Continue reading

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Central banking and the auto-annihilation of the human race.

See the kiddies? Not for long.Photo by: Bob

Zero Hedge, killingly conveying how all of human destiny is being laid to waste. Your prize for your complicity in the cultivation of the über-state is to explain to your grandchildren why they have been enslaved and imprisoned. Their prize is never to have grandchildren at all…
Month to month, year to year, it’s hard to notice the subtle changes in costs of living and standards of living, but after a long period of time it’s easy to look back and remember how things used to be.

You used to be able to support a family on a single income. You used to be able to afford medical care and higher education.

It’s often said that the greatest expense that someone will have in their life is his or her home. That’s total nonsense.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not worth it, but the biggest expense most people will have is family, and particularly children.

And after years and years of suffering through pitiful, destructive policies that have chronically made people less prosperous, it’s no surprise that they’re coming to the conclusion—you know, we can’t really afford to have a child right now.

There are consequences Continue reading

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#BrotherYouAskedForIt: The media has betrayed your freedom? So true – starting with the National Review.

If you can't trust a Soviet spy...

If you can’t trust a Soviet spy…

My second-favorite laugh line from Atlas Shrugged is the reporter who effuses, “I know what I’d like to be: I wish I could be a man who covers news.”

I bring it up in light of the lamentation in The Hill about the blatant ‘progressive’ bias in virtually all ‘news’ reporting. What seemed funny to me when I first read Rand’s vast dystopian tableau is by now virtually inescapable: The media is propaganda, and everything in it must be deemed a lie of some form. But the bias is not simply ‘progressive’ but, more critically, is pervasively anegoistic and anti-individual-rights – and it is not just a phenomenon of the so-called left.

When you look aghast upon our once-just society, now all-but-gone full-looter, remind yourself that it was William F. Buckley who published the worst denunciation of Atlas Shrugged in the pages of the National Review, a hateful screed written by an allegedly-repentant Soviet spy.

My favorite laugh line in the book? #BrotherYouAskedForIt!

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