Who is @WhoIsAlexJacob and how does putting Alex Trebek on tilt on @Jeopardy advance the cause of #liberty?

Revenge of the Nerd: “Hate me harder so I can win even more.”

Revenge of the Nerd: “Hate me harder so I can win even more.”

Life is a benedy, y’all, and the only newspaper-news worth attending to is good news. The best news in the week just past? Poker pro and currency trader Alex Jacob brought us a brand new Jeopardy strategy. Why is that such good news? Because he is showing you the power of new and better strategic thinking for achieving your own objectives.

Two posts are cited in the video, these being them:

How do you live happily among people at war with all joy? Cultivate indifference.

The perfect date night for the man with a plan? Take your baby to the shootin’ range.

We’re talking about the Alex Jacob Jeopardy strategy (winning big by putting everyone – the contestants, host Alex Trebek, even the attendant Twitterati – on tilt), but what we’re really talking about is thinking strategically to identify and pursue your actual goals by actually-attainable means.

And thus to church:

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Get rich fighting crime! Save the girl – and make big money doing it – by correcting one simple error in your thinking.

You are a moth ramming a sheet of plate glass again and again, insisting by your behavior that the glass must somehow give way eventually.

You are a moth ramming a sheet of plate glass again and again, insisting by your behavior that the glass must somehow give way eventually.

The pitch…

That’s a sweet offer in the headline, don’t you think? It’s like Batman meets Ironman, but it’s all real — achievable now, no super-human powers required.

Not enough? You want more?

How’s this?

I can show you how to all-but-eliminate every sort of street crime.

I can show you how to protect any real estate or personal property you own from theft, mayhem, mishap or from simple maintenance oversights.

I can show you how to resolve almost every kind of civil dispute — without courts, without attorneys — and usually without rancor.

I can show you how to perfect your sales praxis to an amazing state of efficiency.

Hell, I can even increase your chance of successfully hooking-up at the singles bar.

I can cut your commute time, maximize your work-day productivity and save you from getting Aunt Whatshername’s name wrong when you see her.

Watch me: I can show you how to create a brand new trillion-dollar industry that will spin off dozens of start-ups as it is aborning and hundreds more later on.

I can show you how to mine an incredible new source of vast, uncountable wealth, a source no one has ever thought of before. I can put you there, at the dawn of a new age of human productivity — a pioneer, a prospector, and ultimately a tycoon in a brand new way of making money.

As you gaze upon that incredible motherlode of riches — knowing that there are unfathomable trillions more buried within it — I have one simple question to ask you:

To gain access to those riches — no fear of crime, no more petty lawsuits, better closing skills on and off the job, plus hundreds of new businesses, each one throwing off astounding new opportunities — would you be willing to correct one simple error in your thinking?

Are you willing to consider the proposition? Stay tuned…

The moth, the cat and the ontological nature of error…

Oh, good grief! Was there a fifty-cent word in that Continue reading

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5 reasons every grown-up couple should marry – with an ironclad marriage contract to make their new family last forever.

To be together is an accident of location. To be committed to each other and to the things you make together is a marriage.Photo by: Garry Knight

The inconquerable Janet Bloomfield (better known as JudgyBitch) has offered up five reasons no man should marry and five reasons every woman should.

I think anyone weighing these questions should take them by turns to never-married, divorced and still-married octogenarians. Life-long resolutions are easy to contemplate until you have to contemplate them for twenty-thousand days in a row, but the only ones among those elders who will be surrounded by people they love, by now, are the ones who committed fully to their marriages.

Father's DayMore Married. More Husband. More Father. More Man.Available at Amazon.com

Father’s DayMore Married. More Husband. More Father. More Man.Available at Amazon.com

My own take is simple: Marriage is worth it – if not right away then eventually, once you both work out how to get it right. I wrote a book called Father’s Day about how men can be more completely married – better husbands and better fathers – but the question that book begs is the one Bloomfield is asking: Why would anyone – especially a man – get married?

My five reasons:

1. To dance as one can never dance with anyone less known.

2. To soar together as only two together can soar, each the other’s other wing.

3. To know so well, to trust so completely that you can be your whole self for her, and she for you.

4. To love so fully that your love-making seems to be its own private bubble in the plenum, and yet to love so enduringly that the two of you are always making love to each other, together or apart, awake or asleep – and someday with one of you dead and gone, still the love will live on.

5. To build those things – a home, a family, a life of meaning – that can only be built by people committed to their love for each other.

To be together is an accident of location. To be committed to each other and to the things you make together is a Continue reading

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The perfect date night for the man with a plan? Take your baby to the shootin’ range.

The Manly Display: Showing her a man worth trusting, yielding to, following – looking up to.Photo by: Wheeler Cowperthwaite

This week’s homily at The Church of Splendor is called Four Word Marriage Therapy: Doing Stuff Alone Together. In the video I make a number of suggestions of activities that couples who want to be more loving can undertake alone together, but this morning I had what I think is an inspired idea:

Take your honey to the shooting range.

Alone together? You bet. It’s not a suite at Caesars’ or a changing room at Nordstrom’s, but the two of you will be alone together in your stall, in very cramped quarters, with lots of physical contact – especially the standing-behind-her kind. Even better, every report from every gun will be startling, and an aura of danger-barely-held-at-bay will pervade everything.

This is sexy stuff for a woman, the armed essence of the manly display. As Prince reminds us, the womanly display consists of “something close to nothing, but different from the day before.” But for a man to display his sexuality in a way most enthralling to his woman, he must demonstrate his ardor for her – by his mien, in his manner and with his gear. When you have your arms over hers as she squeezes off rounds from your peacemaker – you will look and feel like the man she’s looking and feeling for.

Shooting ranges should have a weekly Ladies Night anyway. It’s a great way for women to take responsibility for their own values – and a great way for men to meet women who are demonstrably serious about self-responsibility.

But for all you encoupled couples, a date night that begins and ends with a bang just might start at the range.

In church I am talking about the DISC of marriage – by way of the excellent Tony Robbins DISC assessment. The two of you couldn’t get more Sociably Driven or more us-against-the-world than this date. This is the power of philosophy, to identify the best praxis, to make the best map. More ideas and lots and lots of theory Continue reading

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The Fifth Rule of The Church of Splendor: Never play the other man’s game.

Celebrating three years of Man Alive and the first year of The Church of Splendor with a recounting of the rules I live my intellectual life by.

These are the five (so far) rules of The Church of Splendor:

1. I don’t go to your church.

2. I am not arguing with you.

3. Don’t be an asshole.

4. Butthurt is not contagious.

5. Never play the other man’s game.

Find out how they can make your life better, too:

Why an egoist, atheist church? Because human beings don’t need gods, but they do need worship. I don’t go to your church, but I will repay your effort if you come to mine.

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A celebration of reverence: “The love of Splendor is the life divine.”

Man Alive is three years old today, Easter Sunday 2015. Here I am rehabilitating the idea of reverence as an essential experience in the fully-human life. Why is there a Church of Splendor, an egoist, atheist church? Because we don’t need gods, but we do need worship.

Chapter 12. The love of Splendor is the life divine.

We see the world we’re looking for. I see a world full of children.

I see the adults around me, of course, and the houses and cars and trees and birds and animals. I love everything in existence, natural and man-made, and I take in everything the world brings to me. But I focus on the children. I love babies when they’re barely old enough to smile at the world. And I love toddlers, just learning to speak in verbal semaphore but already well able to laugh in delight at absolutely everything. And I love children, newly awakened in Fathertongue, newly awake to the life of the mind.

I start to lose interest in kids at about age eight or nine – when they begin to get good at inventing and repeating lies. And, to say the awful truth, I don’t give much attention at all to adults – and they tend not to like me much, either. If you’re still awake, and – man alive! – I can tell in a glance if you’re still awake, you will be as delightful to me as any five-year-old. But if your mind is dead, if you have locked it away in a mental dungeon to make sure you don’t inadvertently think or say something that contradicts some insipid dogma you swallowed whole, I don’t have much room for you in my thoughts or in my heart.

But that can’t be you I’m talking about. How do I know? Because you made it to the end of this book. You can be assured that anyone who cannot abide letting me live my life as I choose – who can’t suffer to let me say these things – fled the scene in revulsion a long time ago. To me, it is absurd Continue reading

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The greatest love of all? Your love for your self, of course.

So what should you do – to make the most and the best of your one, irreplaceable, finite, uniquely-human life? That’s easy: Love your self.Photo by: Dmitry Kichenko

Man Alive will be three years old Easter Sunday. When I wrote the book, I thought this argument would incite riots. That it has not is good, I suppose: People might mouth anegoistic arguments, but few are willing to fight for them. But it’s tragic, too, since your self and its interests are the very definition of what is worth fighting for. This is a very good time to resurrect your values.

Chapter 5. The greatest love of all.

When the subject of love and sex come up, our friends in the lab coats have a field day. For one thing, gibbons and other critters pair-bond for life, so they’re “just like us.” And for another, when you’re in the thrall of your best-beloved, your brain is all but drowning in pheromones and oxytocin and a mad obsession to rut yourself raw, so you’re no different from a house-cat in heat. Everything they have to say about you omits the inconvenient fact of Fathertongue, which makes their comparisons specious and invalid. However, as a consolation to deluded butterfly collectors everywhere, a genetic Homo sapiens without Fathertongue really is just like a poorly-adapted animal.

But since no mere animal can think in Fathertongue, no members of the animal kingdom bother to study the dating and mating habits of professors and graduate students – a fact that might raise a question in the minds of those assiduous researchers, if they were of a mind to question their contra-factual prejudices. A plausible meta-goal of reductionist science, arguably unknown to the scientists but presumably very well understood by modern philosophers, is to reduce everything to nothing – to trivialize everything in order to trivialize the human mind.

It can be useful to judge intellectual causes by their observed effects, and it is certainly the case that the study of humanity in the modern epoch has robbed you of the desire to learn more about your own nature. You Continue reading

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