The way to beat Ci compliance displays is to rob them of their oxygen: Your compliance.

Thanks to Google, now even girls know how to shop for just what they want, ignoring everything else.

I’ve vituperated a lot, lately, about Ci and its inverse, obverse photo-copy Ic. There’s a reason for that:

We live in a Ci culture – and it is collapsing.

We need to supplant Ci with Ds or live with the grave consequences of letting Dc take over instead.

That’s Chess, huh? It’s practically a Marvel Comics plot summary.

And none of this is meant to malign Ci’s or Ic’s as people. The everyday world needs actuaries and undertakers – just not very many.

By making a fetish of Ci displays, we have encysted the world with insistence, but that’s easily dealt with. You do it all the time already.

Do you see? You are met with Ci/Ic displays – with compliance displays – all the time, and you successfully manage to resist those demands almost all the time.

What am I talking about?


Image advertising is all Ic: “He can’t be a man if he doesn’t smoke the same cigarettes as me.” Persuasive marketing is typically FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. Every bit of it is devised to induce in you a compliant itch that can only be scratched by compliance – by buying the product being promoted.

Does it work? Hugely well on I’s, less so on S’s, only with DISC-focused value propositions – money or time – on C’s and D’s.

Does it work better, in return on investment, than doing nothing – or doing something else? Asking that question will get you fired up and down Madison Avenue.

Does it work on you? Almost never. How do I know that? Because however many purchases you have made today, you’ve been hit by a thousand times that many marketing messages. More than likely, you responded to none of them, or none more elaborate than mere signage.

Big hero you: You were met with thousands upon thousands of compliance displays and you defied them all with a skilled, studied and well-practiced indifference. Well done!

Your indifference warrants scrutiny, of course. How can we study nothing? Because it’s not nothing, it’s two big somethings:

You are indifferent to marketing because it is hyper-abundant and largely-irrelevant. Thanks to Google, now even girls know how to shop for just what they want, ignoring everything else.

But you are indifferent to marketing, too, because that is the only safe strategy to take with it. You know that, if you engage with it, you will invite still more of it, at a minimum – and you might even get sold.

Submit to enough compliance displays, and in due course you’ll tickle up that compliant need. Sales monsters call this process “buy or die.” That’s how much they love you.

“Thanks, but no thanks.” That’s what you say instead – and eventually it works. It’s what you say to every everyday compliance display, whether it’s the bum cadging quarters on the corner, the freelance preacher offering free Bible thumps or the skeezy kid handing out cents-off coupons for now-almost-entirely-norovirus-free burritos. “Thanks, but no thanks.” “I’m going to have to pass on that opportunity.” “Not today.”

You know how to deflect and defeat marketing compliance displays. That’s what you need to do with Ci’s and Ic’s when they come at you with their emotional compliance displays: “Thanks, but no thanks.” It’s all advertising – inducing a compliant need that can only be answered with a compliant display – except that you are fighting to hang onto more than just your money.

Note that the doctrines are fungible: Marxism = Nazism = Islam = SJW = BLM = KKK. If the only acceptable response to a display is compliance, the doctrine is Ci and the expected response is Ic.

But: It is all just Ci, which means everything of existential reality is just a token in a purely-abstract game: Ic’s prove their Ci bona fides to their (largely simply imagined/exaggerated/dreaded) Ci overseers by making Ci compliance demands from strangers. The only appropriate response is Ic concession, obsequy, servility, unconditional surrender.

As with all other marketing, you yield to this at your peril. To interact in any way with a committed Bible-thumper is to get Bible-thumped – and brother, you asked for it! If you engage at all, you lose, so don’t. Ignoring an Ic is an act of provocation, as seen coming inbound, so be prepared to disengage entirely. But why would you volunteer to be abused, anyway?

What’s the currency in play? Commercial marketers want your money, and political marketers want your sovereignty – the further consequences of the surrender of your freedom – but before that both want your attention.

But that’s not right, either. Both want to report upstream that they have or have had your attention. But in that reporting, you, your attention and even the facts of any interaction are all mere tokens in the game. What matters is putting up the numbers. The compliant need to be satisfied is not yours but the sales monster’s – his need to appease his own monsters with his own displays of compliance.

And every bit of this is made of nothing but abstractions: Displays about displays. Commercial marketers at least hide the prostitution – buying temporary affection – with merchandise, but political marketers sell you your own rage as the palliation for your (largely simply imagined/exaggerated/dreaded) past outrages.

Victims of their own self-induced victimization seek to reproduce themselves by instigating self-induced victimization in everyone around them. And yet, “You can’t be be a wormyn if you aren’t woke the same snowflake woke as me!”

Sick shit, ain’t it? That’s where holiness spirals are born, which is why we need to get busy rebuilding Ds: Those dumbasses are going to auto-incinerate. The trick is making sure they – or the Dc’s – don’t take all the rest of us with them.

Meanwhile, the only way to defeat Ci’s is to rob them of their oxygen: Your compliance.

When a sales monster of any type has closed on you – has put you to the choice – the next person who speaks – who reacts in any way – loses. The only acceptable response to a compliance display is compliance, and, accordingly, anything but a clear-cut dismissal is de facto compliance – your explicit consent to continued dominance – to persistent consistent insistence.

Ic’s dominate you with your own fascination. Ci’s dominate you with your own fears. Did you notice who is your captor in both of these imprisonings? Did you see your path to freedom?

You know you are a fool to engage with sales monsters, and, accordingly, you almost never do it. You are ten times more foolish to engage with emotional monsters, and yet you submit to their sadism virtually all the time.

Catch a clue: Stop.

Just stop. Offer up no obnoxious displays yourself – got beams? – but respond in no way at all to obnoxious displays. It’s daft to reward bad behavior with attention for any reason, but it is suicidal to cower to domination. Stop doing it.

The way to defeat Ci is with Ds. What’s the Ds way to sell? Are you “selling” your own ideals and values that way?

More importantly, what’s the Ds way to respond to obnoxious sales monsters of all motivations?

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

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