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Righting Rand’s wrongs: Family endures. Everything else is temporary.

You say you want a better world? I want for your grandchildren to sail through the air on a tire swing hung from a tree you planted.Photo by: Jim PennucciAyn Rand only got three things seriously wrong. I know that’s … Continue reading

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Building the perfect Greek: Since DISC is cultivated, we can raise ever-better kids.

The persuasive miracle you seek is not just possible – it’s simple! You’re just talking to the wrong people.Photo by: gemteck1I know how to build Hoplite Greeks – Testudo fathers and mothers – self-responsible parents raising self-responsible parents, generation after … Continue reading

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The DISC of birth order: Each new child fills what is then the biggest hole in your family.

That’s right. I am just who you were expecting!Photo by: JayThere’s an article on leadership and birth order at the Atlantic this morning, but I haven’t read it. It’s behind a paywall, and paying for Marxism is not just double-suicide, … Continue reading

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You could win the first-ever Ayn Rand Mother’s Day Essay Contest!

“Harry Potter! I am your father…!”Nattering pointlessly at Robert Tracinski, I hammered on this notion: Meanwhile, self-responsible fatherhood is the sole source of human civilization, and on that score Rand = Rowling = Marx. To the extent that children are … Continue reading

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Flowerboxing: Ending the willfully negligent destruction of 98% of all human capital.

Two of my favorite people, my wife, Cathleen Collins, and my nephew, Sebastian Brannum.On the day my nephew, Sebastian, was born, we played a game together. Not much of a game, obviously: I would stick out my tongue, and then … Continue reading

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Willie Humanseed: Cultivating greatness one choo-choo train ride at a time.

“All aboard!”A Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie story Monday, April 24, 2017 “Oh, I do love to see a man in a collared shirt!” I said that to The GoBot as the brood of youngsters and their grandma was still approaching me … Continue reading

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#MyKindOfBenedy: Notes on a reconciliation with satire.

Just when you thought nothing could be more enduringly funny than the shopping mall choo-choo train itself…1. As always, comedy is a misleading term, since you can make fun of people either as farce or as satire. 2. That comes … Continue reading

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