Want to send someone a greeting card with some oomph? Send a Willie book, instead.

I wrote a ton in 2017, lots of everything. Among other works, I published four new Willie books. They’re short – because I leave out all the boring stuff – but they’re cheap – because I want them to be read.

They’re cheap like greeting cards are cheap, and I wish y’all would deploy them that way: By sending my books as gifts to people who you know could profit by them. That kind of recommendation gets a book read – and that’s what matters.

These are the new books:

Las Vegas Redemption: Pastor Trey Coyle and the reincarnation of Sarno’s Ghost. Jay Sarno’s Ghost takes you on a frolicking adventure in Las Vegas – with the world’s biggest televangelist, Pastor Trey Coyle. The yarn is pure farce, and it has nothing whatever to do with Pastor Joel Osteen.

Traindancing: Bedtime stories for your inner child from The Mall of Misfit Families. Listen in on the thoughts of Loco Willie, the carney-in-kiddie-portions who runs the choo-choo train down at the mall: “Mock me if you like. I know I will. But this is loco engineering. This is how it’s done.”

Dusty: An elegy of hope and love. Dusty is about a road trip – back from a funeral. And it’s a buddy story – about a dog. It won’t take you an hour to read, but it will breathe new life into your hopes – in languages living and dead.

Bubba: How the Predator-in-Chief pulled it off. Watch as His Bubbaness, erstwhile Predator-in-Chief, takes you on a tour of the America he made for us: Sex scandals, political paralysis – Bush, Obama, Hillary, Trump – and more sex scandals.

Bubba is rough stuff, ideal for any political junkie still capable of laughter. The other three are benedies, redemption songs. They’re all built on Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie’s ham-on-wry sense of humor, and they’re peopled with peculiar people and precocious kids.

So: Please go buy, read, review and share some Willie today.

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