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A Las Vegas redemption? See it when TV’s Pastor Trey Coyle takes on Sarno’s Ghost – at Caesars Palace!

“Is there anything else people can do at casinos – besides, you know, winning?”I was working on a farce set in Las Vegas when the town got shot up. It’s a Willie story, a #MyKindOfBenedy called “Las Vegas Redemption: Pastor Trey … Continue reading

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The practical ontology of mourning undead poets: Which Tom Petty song sings loudest from you?

“Don’t let it kill you, baby.Don’t let it get to you.Don’t let it kill you, baby.Don’t let it get to you.I’ll be your bleedin’ heart.I’ll be your cryin’ fool.Don’t let this go too far.Don’t let it get to you…”Photo by: … Continue reading

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#LasVegasShooting: Looking for the backstory behind the Massacre at Mandalay Bay.

So here’s a theory of the crime for Sunday night’s Massacre at Mandalay Bay. No, that’s over-stating things. What I have is less a theory than a backstory, a way of explaining how this could have happened. This is all … Continue reading

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#MyKindOfBenedy: #RealityHigh is a black-middle-class teen family mean-girls rom-com with everything!

Can nerdy-glam Dani find love?You’ll want to know – and that’s art’s job.That’s a joke, of course. “#RealityHigh” on Netflix is short only a slasher to fill out the entire teen-movie dance card. We start with “Carrie,” which sets up … Continue reading

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Your sovereign ungovernability: The chains you bear are yours to break, whenever you want to.

You are a free moral agent as a manifestation of your nature as a human being, and there is nothing I can do to contravene or negate or obviate your sovereign freedom.Photo by: swong95765Let’s start with this idea: You are a … Continue reading

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Want the coolest new #Amazon headquarters, @JeffBezos? A shopping mall runs through it…

Definitely not a super-villain.How can regional malls survive By providing on-site residential and employment opportunities for their own clientele. Cities worked when everyday errands had to be walkable. Suburbs worked when driving was unavoidable. Uber and Amazon work because … Continue reading

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What will save commercial real estate? Residential real estate. “Let’s go to the mall! Today!”

Robin Sparkles wasn’t wrong, just early:“Let’s go to the mall! Today!”Retail is dying. Movie theaters are dying. Schools and churches are dying. The world outside the home, especially the world of sociability among strangers, is shrinking, shriveling, vanishing. It’s not … Continue reading

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