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President Biff Tannen in four words: Accidentally like an übermensch.

“What? Me, president?”A Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie Story Thursday, January 26, 2017 “So here’s the idea,” said Manny Kant. “It’s the ‘Big’ trope – boy wakes up in adult’s body – but with a twist.” “Seen it, done it, took a … Continue reading

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If you want for there to be fewer abortions, show the world how wonderful children make it.

If you expect for kids to know that children are worth raising, first you will have to convince them that a child is something worth being.Photo by: Pedro KlienYesterday on Facebook, I linked to an article called 10 Ways You … Continue reading

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Donald #Trump is Prince Hal, not Henry V. Here’s how you can spot the tells.

Cleaning up this mess? Now that would be women’s work.Once more unto the breach: This weekend’s events demonstrate that newly-anointed President Donald Trump is an Incandescent temperament, not a Driven personality. (Say whuuut? If you’re new, here’s the Cliff’s Notes … Continue reading

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How I justify my long-standing policy of racial profiling.

If we should judge people by the content of their character, the black middle-class is getting screwed.dbking / Foter / CC BY One of the more repellent tropes of race relations, by me, is the deeply earnest white guy who … Continue reading

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Want to be a better, more-perfect version of yourself? Master something difficult this year.

You weren’t just cheated of an education when you were young, you were cheated out of the full awareness of your own humanity.Mait Jüriado / / CC BY-NC-SA I always love to read about the outrageously nefarious bad guys … Continue reading

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How to slay dragons.

A Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie story And now I am a man-killer. We live with the consequences of our choices, and we cannot fail to live with all the consequences of all our choices. Sic semper nobis, sic etiam mihi. Thus … Continue reading

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Courtney at the speed of life.

A Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie story “Lord-a-mercy!” I said in my thickest southern drawl. “Somebody tell god to take the rest of the week off. He has made perfection, and there ain’t no topping that!” The beautiful blonde woman scowled and … Continue reading

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