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Shyly’s delight: Manifesting the secondary consequences of splendor.

Man Alive elucidates the ontology of human social relationships, but it’s dense, tough sledding. Appended below is a easier-reading summary of some of these ideas. I wrote this as a speech for my Toastmaster’s Club in August of 2001. In … Continue reading

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Want to put the eclipse in the shade? Shine with your own light instead.

And do you know what it means when the white ball rolls in front of the yellow ball? That’s right. Nothing.Photo by: Paulo GuedesNot to alienate myself – even further – from the rest of humanity, but I think this eclipse … Continue reading

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The way to beat Ci compliance displays is to rob them of their oxygen: Your compliance.

Thanks to Google, now even girls know how to shop for just what they want, ignoring everything else.I’ve vituperated a lot, lately, about Ci and its inverse, obverse photo-copy Ic. There’s a reason for that: We live in a Ci … Continue reading

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How do you live happily among people at war with all joy? Cultivate indifference and press on regardless.

If you can learn to think of your ego as something you must always love and honor and revere and burnish until it seems to glow of its own light, you can make yourself immune from other people’s ugly behavior.Photo … Continue reading

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No Nork nukes yet: Is James “Kill ’em all” Mattis an amiable spy in the house of malice?

Donald Trump is an Id pretending to be a Di. Because he is pretending, he is beyond easy to manipulate, and he insulates himself from that risk by being capricious: You can have Trump’s ear until you either bore or upstage … Continue reading

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Do you believe in magic? Love is made from its own shared and mutual propitiation!

Love is shaling.You don’t get it, you earn it.You don’t give it, you produce it.You don’t share it, you make it – but only together.The product IS the process, so without that, there is nothing.Photo by: Hamza Butt What are … Continue reading

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The origin of character: You chose to be who you are before you knew you had the power of choice.

“Why, yes, I am working you. How’d you guess?”Photo by: Ouisudbury.caMy taxonomy of kids is Infants, Babies, Toddlers, Children. Infants snooze, Babies observe, Toddlers participate and Children converse. Children are awake – persistently volitionally self-conscious of abstract conceptual self-consciousness … Continue reading

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