PEAK is built for peak performance, so why don’t you PEAK yourself? How? By PEAKing your DISC profile.

You say, “Self-improvement?”
I say, “Go PEAK yourself!”

Sindre Paulsen said something that made me realize my biggest failure to be clear about ThriversEd:

PEAK is DISC, weighted. We’re going to teach DISC to kids, practically from birth. They will grow into their humanity already knowing how to see and understand everyone else, even as they are already all well-practiced in the arts of human striving.

What kind of world will THEY make?

This is what I said to Sindre:

Imagine a world of kids who can see each other this well. Imagine them grown up, raising sons who will raise ever-better sons.

Seriously: Why not?

If you’ve seen me present, you know I strive to bring the goods in all four PEAK categories. In real life, though, not so much.

I am Di – which means hard work, good show, rough edges – and poor accounting. 😉

PEAK me live and I’ll send you home with dinner plates for eyes, but when you PEAK my LIFE, I’m the guy on the left in the chart – a D+ at best.

The guy on the right is who I am working to be – and that man’s a solid B.

I’m never going to have a day-to-day interest in Cautious pursuits, but by gaining strength where I have been weak, I can make myself a better man over time.

You can, too. So can everyone else. PEAK will make the process easier.

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