Is Time of the Essence?

“Lamenting vice is not virtue.” Greg wrote that, and I wanted to argue. But of course, he’s right. Here’s more — lamenting anything is not virtue; only virtuous action is virtue. Duh.

OTOH, doing something about vice can be virtuous, at least if that vice somehow interferes with your life. Greg likes to speak of a “calculus of loss,” whereby each choice of an alternative is negative on the number line. I can go along with that, but if one is faced with such an alternative, surely choosing the “least negative” is an instance of virtue…assuming there’s no choice available that’s actually positive on the number line.

I mean, we have to live in this universe, after all. So this is not about lamenting, but about doing. Take a gander at this, and tell me if this has anything to do with your life — if it puts you in the position of having to make some tough choices going forward. H/T to commenter Ellendra here. Feast your eyes on what others are doing with your life

I know, I know…”What can I do about this?”

My answer? Start simple. Learn who you are, and start that by learning what you are. Read the book and understand. Once you have your mind, you’ll know what to do.

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