Livin’ on Tampa time: Women need Mars, the chaste chase and the primum bonum that is the self.

Me in Tampa: DISC, love, poker and the irreplaceable self-responsible man.

Me in Tampa: DISC, love, poker and the irreplaceable self-responsible man.

I depart for Tampa tomorrow to speak at The 21 Convention. I plan to talk about some of the ideas in Shyly’s delight, especially DISCing everyone for fun and profit. Two ideas that are not in the book but should be of interest to the men in attendance: The DISC of love and the the DISC of poker.

Elections are upon us, and I’m looking forward to seeing some extraordinarily vicious political commercials in Florida. I can’t think of a better reason to Vote Nobody than negative ads, so I’m grateful to partisans for telling me why every politician is a liar, a fool and rent-seeking whore. I’m totally sold.

Meanwhile, it’s vitally important to convince American women that they’re oppressed on all sides, so USA Today insists that women have it worst in those states where they are most like to be and stay married to one man, where they are most likely to live near their children, where they are most likely to see their grandchildren often and where they are most likely to die surrounded by loving families. All of the many failures of Big Mother government illuminate the fact that women need men far more than men need women, so perhaps soon fish will learn to ride bicycles.

I spoke at The Church of Splendor Sunday on the cardinal value that is the self:

and that put me in mind of a video I did earlier this year for The 21 Convention on the joy of chastity, a topic that is plausibly less than thrilling to young men:

Even so, this all ties together for me, this and so much more.

The purpose of the Welfare State is to destroy the family – the redoubt against all tyranny – by undermining fatherhood. Men were complicit in this, more fools them, but when it fails, it will be the Hoplites who restore civilization. Only self-responsible men can make civil order, because only men can fight at every season of human social life.

Women need Mars. The world works as it should when they know it.

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