Wealth is character: Seeing The Dutch Uncle Game as a thriving Multi-Level-Leadership network.

“Hey kid! Know any sociopaths?”

Photo by: Richard Elzey

I mentioned yesterday that The Dutch Uncle Game contains within it the means to build a kick-ass multi-level-marketing network. MLM has a terrible reputation in the U.S., so after consultation, I’ve resolved to call what I’m talking about Multi-Level-Leadership instead. What’s the difference? Leaders take responsibility, where con-men strive to shuck it off to the suckers.

I also mentioned that The Dutch Uncle Game builds a life-changing praxis in reliability, and it is that ever-more-stable reliability that both makes Multi-Level-Leadership work and makes it worthwhile.

First, a multi-level structure does not require marketing incentives:

1. You acquire a Dutch Uncle medallion, either by purchase or as a gift.

2. You register your medallion’s unique identifier. You are now a member of the network. You are the the top of your own downline if you bought the token, in the giver’s downline if you got it as a gift.

3. You buy more medallions, giving them to the people you want to recruit into your downline.

Second, any marketing incentives can be devoted exclusively to building and rewarding the network. So, for example, 20% of the sales price of the medallion could be “sales commission,” to be distributed formulaically back up the seller’s downline. The longer you’ve been recruiting, the more people you’ve recruited, and the more people they recruit will all affect your results. Meanwhile, each member of the network has an incentive to grow and sustain it.

And third, combined with transparent PEAK evaluations across the network, all leadership will improve over time, and truly stellar leaders will rise to the top as the reward for their successes – while truly obnoxious bad apples rot in solitude.

Each downline creates sales or influence funnels, but any two or more people pursuing a common goal are playing a de facto Dutch Uncle Game. By formalizing and PEAK-evaluating all purposive interactions, you get a running account of your own performance, but you also have access to the PEAK history on anyone you’re thinking of working with.

Welcome to reputation-marketing like you’ve never dared to dream of it. Anyone can con one sucker. No one can con everyone, particularly if the victims have the means to share their pain. Meanwhile, everyone who has learned that the butter is on the Driven/Sociable side of the bread will have all the data they need to make wise choices about their Driven/Sociable pursuits.

Social networks reward indolence – and they are “as addictive as cocaine!!!”

Old-school (ahem!) MLM networks reward sociopathy – and the best results come from recruiting the most rapacious sociopaths you can find into your downline.

A Multi-Level-Leadership network rewards leadership, surfacing the very best leaders and putting them together with anyone who wants more from life.

(Imagine working a room as your Dutch Uncle app RFID-scans every other Dutch Uncle medallion there; your follow-up list was free, with a built-in intro: “I see you appreciate live theater, too.”)

There is lots more money in there, plus infinitely more to be mined in Dutch Uncle enterprises. But all wealth is character first. Expressing The Dutch Uncle Game as an infinitely-scaling Multi-Level-Leadership network is a way to make the wealth that is good character ubiquitous.

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