What’s the Stone Soup game? In three quick minutes – what have you got?

You bring what you’ve got. I’ll bring what I’ve got. Together we’ll have a feast of the mind.

Photo by: Paul Joseph

Stone Soup is not just one of the earliest of the ThriversEd games, as with the Dutch Uncle game, it encapsulates much of what ThriversEd is: Performance, Accountability and Leadership, over and over again.

The game described in this short video – made to answer questions raised by David Brodie – is geared toward Toddlers, but the Stone Soup game works at any age. You’re soaking in it.


You might think that sounds like ‘Show ’n’ Tell,’ but the similarities are superficial: We’re much less formal, much less stressed, and much, much, much more frequent. ThriversEd is structured play, and Stone Soup is an easy structure for Toddlers to play in.

You may also note similarities to the Socratic style of instruction. We’re more formal than that, but you can see how this model of interaction – growing together by sharing in each other’s growth – will carry through as Toddlers grow into Children and then Adults.

There are other Performance games in ThriversEd – Family/Jam Band is one I’m dying to show off – but you could argue that, just as all ThriversEd activities are Dutch Uncle games, all of our Performance games are Stone Soup games.

Big things are made of little things. Lots of them.

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