Anarchy for peacemakers: How to engineer the crazy out of Batman.

“I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.”

Image by: JD Hancock

This has been a good week for me. Vide:

The game – which I’m calling Batman’s Bluff, at least for now – is dread simple: If you’re a hothead who insists that your neighbors need to do something about some annoyance, we will back you – but only if you go unarmed. You’ll be more apt to be peaceful that way, and if there is blood to be shed, yours will be shed first.

The point is to engineer peace, instead of always trying to find ways to palliate the consequences of conflict. If you can live and let live, you’re my kind of people. If you can’t, I want to help you help yourself pursue better opportunities in the lives beyond this one – if any such there be. At a minimum, I want you far away from my life and my values – and there’s more than one way to eighty-six a creep.

Yes, it’s anarchy at The Church of Splendor. My admonition: Make peace, not trouble.

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