Can you please tell the Koch Brothers why I’m right about messaging strategy?

First we take Bel Air. Then we take Beijing.

Photo by: Vinnie C

Talk about a valley of the shadow of death: How’d you like to be publicly known as an advocate of individualism, political liberty and free markets in Hollywood? Now that is a hostile work environment!

I’m amazed by these people – James Woods, Vince Vaughn, Patricia Heaton, Kelsey Grammer, Stacey Dash, Adam Baldwin, Nick Searcy, Drew Carey, Kevin Sorbo. The list goes on – but not for long. Talent? In abundance. Drive? You get nowhere without it. But the courage to take public positions that can make job offers dry up over night? That takes guts – more than we have any right to expect these days.

But here’s something else to be found among Hollywood’s few courageous champions of libertarian/conservative values: An appreciation for the power of story to change minds, change attitudes, change habits – change lives.

Just think what those folks could do with the right kind of money behind them.

That’s why I want for them (and you!) to tell the Koch Brothers and any other liberty-seeking philanthropists why my ideas on messaging are so much better than the wheel-spinning, deckchair-swapping, money-wasting exercises they’re involved in now.

To make things as easy as I can, simply passing along the link to this post will invite our nation’s benevolent billionaires (and everyone else) to consider these notions:

The pontificate, hector and mock model of anti-Marxist rhetoric could not be less effective: It repels more people than it recruits, even as we put every child under the patient tutelage of de facto Marxists until those kids are old enough to read the stodgy non-fiction we think should make all the difference – assuming they ever learn to read at all.

The bad news: The habits and attitudes we learn as children can be hard to shed later – and much too easy to cling to. If we want to change minds, we have to change the art that molds those minds in childhood and every day thereafter. Anything else we might do is wasted effort, wasted money, wasted time.

The good news: Those very brave conservatives and libertarians in Hollywood can begin to change all of this – changing everything for everyone in due course – with a little help from their friends.

Want to see the world change – faster than you ever thought possible? Upstream this post. You don’t have to have been name-checked above. Just push this one post upstream until it finds a philanthropist or financier who is sick to death of losing all the time.

With enough of the right kinds of stories – in the cinema, on television, in books – we can make America great again – by making Americans great again.

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