Donald #Trump is Prince Hal, not Henry V. Here’s how you can spot the tells.

Cleaning up this mess? That would be women’s work.

Cleaning up this mess? Now that would be women’s work.

Once more unto the breach:

This weekend’s events demonstrate that newly-anointed President Donald Trump is an Incandescent temperament, not a Driven personality.

(Say whuuut? If you’re new, here’s the Cliff’s Notes on DISC my way.)

To Church:

Filling in the blanks:

Donald Trump’s fatal conceit? You can’t fake leadership.

Seeing Claudius from Hamlet as an overmatched Incandescent.

By taking account of the Driven and Incandescent empathy strategies discussed here, it will prove possible over time to predict what Trump will do and to posit what an actually-Driven personality would do instead.

What if Trump tries to fake the Driven strategy? That’s what he’s been trying to do all along – all his life! – “by gut.” But you can’t fake leadership, and you can’t fake magnanimity for long. Humiliation rankles the Incandescent in ways none of the rest of us can fully understand.

Accordingly: Trump will out.

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  • Don’t you get it yet? Trump is a hard troll on anyone who still thinks this empire still has the resourcefulness to put out the multi engine fire, and pull up and out of the dive bomb we have found ourselves in. People don’t see Trump and think “yeah… I’m gonna follow this man!” Anymore than they see your rambling incoherent videos and think “yeah… this guy’s really got it figured out, I should listen to him!”

    Just sit back, laugh, and enjoy the trolling.