Education can deliver Splendor for all kids, not just a prosperous misery for the “lucky” few.

Life’s a dance. Who knew?

Photo by: PICS by MARTY

Only two percent of American children, at best, actually benefit from all the education we throw at them. The rest are flowerboxed, in one way or another, somewhere along the gauntlet we run them though.

Most are left in the state of Squalor they were born into: Illiterate in any way that could make a difference and qualified for zero tasks that require qualifications. Most of the rest are given what amounts to Occupational Therapy: They are taught just enough to be stood in a corner and forgotten for life.

Here’s what’s worse: Even the “lucky” few who are actually allowed to cultivate the mind to some degree are still miserable for life. Having communed with the great minds who came before us, they know that educated people dance in the gardens of reason – but they also know they ain’t dancing.

It’s easy to see why: The values hierarchy of the entire educational establishment is upside down. Instead of praising and rewarding all students for expressing their humanity, we focus only on the very most reptilian strengths of the very most reptilian children, pushing them into high-paying jobs as the next generation of mammal-herders.

Most children are never permitted to grow much beyond the charming mammals they are born as. The “lucky” few are warped into gruesome reptiles – with long-tailed resumés to whip the mammals into line. And everyone is miserable…

This is easy to fix. DISC – human character and personality – is cultivated. Right now, we are bending over backwards to cultivate a very few Ci/INTJ nerds to be our ruling class – and throwing all the other children away. If instead we refocus education to cultivate Ds/Sd virtues and values in all children, then all children will be educated so well that they all will dance in Splendor.

Now: Education for almost none, with lifelong misery for all.

My way: Education for all, misery for none.

And all we have to do is turn around.

This is news. Everything else is noise. Get caught up.

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