Facts are facts: You cannot rip off the band-aid until you admit that you have wounded your self.

Building on the idea of the number line of morality discussed in Chapter 7 of Man Alive, this video from September of 2012 takes up the idea of ripping off the band-aid — getting pain out of the way quickly — and why this cannot occur as long as you insist to yourself that you have not acted to your own self-destruction.

We end up talking about cognitive dissonance — attempting to “should” the nature of reality with elaborate lies — and why this not only must fail, but why that failure is itself still further self-destruction.

Your mind works the way it works regardless of the lies you attempt to tell yourself, and, therefore, the appropriate thing to do is to respond accordingly, in consonance with your true, objective nature.

An audio-only version of this video is linked below, or you can find the SelfAdoration.com podcast on iTunes.

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