Fifty shades of pink sock: Facing up to and fixing the hook-up contradiction.

There’s a special language that men speak. I call it guy-talk. It goes something like this:

“Two legs? Who the heck needs two legs? Two legs is a crutch. Two eyes?! Two eyes are for pussies!”

I don’t know how trustworthy displays like that are, but they are a very masculine way of dealing with loss: “Wife? Kids? House? Job? Shoes?! Why would anybody need shoes?!?”

The job of Feminism must be done, because now, apparently, women too can speak in guy-talk. Note this from The Atlantic:

The hookup culture that has largely replaced dating on college campuses has been viewed, in many quarters, as socially corrosive and ultimately toxic to women, who seemingly have little choice but to participate. Actually, it is an engine of female progress — one being harnessed and driven by women themselves.

Being used like toilet paper to sop up spilled semen is a bonus! What girl could want more than that from a guy?


I have a post up this morning at Richard Nikoley’s weblog about the absurd position women find themselves in in today’s sexual marketplace. I don’t want to lean too hard on this Atlantic piece, because it’s such a transparently tendentious argument. Besides, the solution to this problem is three-words simple — but you’ll have to go to FreeThe Animal to find out what it is.

Back on campus with the hook-up girls, we note these facts:

First, while there are nefarious lotharios aplenty in the sexual memestream afflicting young people, the actual underlying philosophy behind the movement toward random, rootless promiscuity comes from our old buddy Karl Marx. The Marxists know that private redoubts like the family frustrate the growth of the state, so they do whatever it takes to undermine any sort of purely-private social arrangements.

Second, while we talk a lot about “connecting-the-dots,” a careful reading of “the news” requires that you sweep away all the rhetorical chaff that is being shot at you in order to obscure the dots. Author Hanna Rosin clearly wants for the hook-up scene to be proof of feminine empowerment, so she hides every evidence to the contrary. Where the map does not correspond to the territory, by all means dispose of the territory.

Witness: What do boys who hook-up do? They turn copulation into a sport, with scorecards, bragging rights and cellphone-video highlight reels of the girls shared all around.

What do hook-up girls, do? The suffer the consequences of being the target of too much anal sex — a condition they call “pink sock” — and cry to each other that they are being treated like garbage.

Rosin thinks we should score that as a win for the girls!

I have more than a lot to say about all of this, but The Unfallen is my ultimate argument on the subject. I’m not interested in all the ways we have found to get love wrong. But I am very interested in getting love right.

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