FREE Willie – Download a free eBook of classic Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie stories…

Why make the book free? To find out if you know the difference between price and value...

Why make the book free? To find out if you know the difference between price and value…

I’m getting ready to publish the first of three for-pay books of Willie stories, so we thought we would put together a free sampler of classic Willie yarns.

The book is called Free Willie and the title is precise, concise and exact: The price for the book is nothing. The zip file you will download at the link contains the book in Kindle, iBook and PDF formats, to suit your eReading preferences.

We’re sampling from all over Willie’s storied career, from broad farce to bitter satire, from squalor to redemption, from treacly parents to the sweetest children you will ever meet. There are even a couple of holiday stories in there.

Here’s the full line-up:

  1. Anastasia in the light and shadow.
  2. How the bank robbed Bonnie and Clyde.
  3. Superman.
  4. Freeing Jefferson’s slaves.
  5. Xavier’s destiny.
  6. Tête-a-tête in Tombstone.
  7. Prufrock’s honor…
  8. The Desperation Waltz.
  9. Cinderella’s memories of the zoo.
  10. Mary Canary on her way to feed the pigeons.
  11. A canticle for Kathleen Sullivan.
  12. How to slay dragons.
  13. Uncle Willie’s manifesto: If the words aren’t worth etching into stone, get someone else to write them.

Click the link to download your free copy of Free Willie. And please feel free to share the link, this post or the zip file with your friends and loved ones. A Willie story is the stuff that sticks with you, and shouldn’t hoard that kind of torment to yourself.

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