Hubris For One: Because self-mockery is a task that should not be delegated.

I ate Karl Marx. Turned out to be a cupcake-sized task, so I mopped up Mohammed for the frosting. I’ve figured out how to kill Yelp and every Yelp-like cyst on the internet. And, also, I know how to disintermediate Disney.

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve got a fever. Can you tell? I’ve been filling this cistern for three years, and it’s about to overflow. I’ve got a little bit of big stuff and a lot of little stuff left to cover, but in two weeks and three days I’ve outlined the map back to a truly civil society.

There’s more, lots more, but that’s the headline:

Western Civ redeemed, details to follow.

My take: You’re not paying me enough. Get your friends to help, too. The whole world will be talking about this eventually, but I’m eager to hurry things along. Aren’t you?

Church, today:

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