I made a killer presentation on the empathy of DISC profiling – and got fired for my efforts.

What? Me worry?

What? Me worry?

The presentation I made to The 21 Convention in Tampa in October of 2014 has finally been made available. I spoke on the underlying empathy strategies that result in the DISC personality profile, providing a scorecard to human motivation to the people who need it most: Cautious, socially-awkward nerds.

The events surrounding that presentation are taken up in this week’s Church of Splendor homily. My take? I killed it. The upshot? I got fired. Other people might be dismayed by such an outcome, but I am Driven/Incandescent: If there’s no risk of getting canned, I’m not working hard enough.

A number of other videos are cited in this one. These are those in their order of importance (to me):

My presentation on the empathy of DISC. (My slides for this presentation.)

My interview with Marilee Johnson.

A podcast with Steve Mayeda and Socrates.

The DISC of Love and Sales.

My long interview with Anthony Johnson, Socrates and Marilee Johnson.

All of this grows out of two short books I wrote in the late Summer of 2014, both of which you should read to reap all I have to sow: Nine Empathies and Shyly’s Delight.

If you want to explore your social world – discerning why it is so-often broken and how to go about fixing it – this is where the magic happens.

And if you’re looking for a speaker who can deliver the goods – fun, funny, original, insightful and inspiring – hire me. Your audience will love me – even if it turns out you don’t.

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