#JeSuisMarkSteyn for #EverybodyDrawMohammed day: “Do your worst. I will not kneel.”

“Do your worst. I will not kneel.”

“Do your worst. I will not kneel.”

I don’t admire many people, more’s the pity. I know too much and see too much, and too much of what I see taxes me of the respect I might otherwise feel for a person’s accomplishments. A rare exception is the irreverent, irascible Mark Steyn, whom I’ve followed in the public prints since the Arkansas Mafia last soiled the White House. For all I know he kicks kittens and mines payphones for abandoned quarters, but everything I have seen of the man has inspired me, a living embodiment of the words I’ve always lived by: “Do your worst. I will not kneel.”

By way of Twitter, Steyn reminded me that today is #EverybodyDrawMohammed day. I built the sidebar you see in the image to the right on Monday, this because I have so much on the subject to link to, and because I don’t wish to imply that I am acquiescent in the deafening silence that greets every ugly display of the infinitely ugly Islamofascist temperament. I didn’t know I was celebrating a very important holiday, and yet here I am.

If you pursue the links in the actual sidebar, not the image, you can read and hear what I’ve had to say over the years, going all the way back to 9/11. There are two Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie stories in there, for comic relief, but for all of me, the best of the bunch is the video I did just after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre: Why you must never silence yourself.

And that’s a Steyn-like message, I hope. None of this matters. Allah is a petulant, impotent crybaby. Mohammed was a mentally-defective child-molester. The best of his followers are sweet but deluded, like most religionists of all creeds. And the worst of them are mooks and mutts and mongrels whose only hope of having a life is to deliver themselves unto death in the most pathetic and ignominious of possible ways – and may they writhe thereafter in bacon grease until the universe collapses on itself. But to fail to speak when speech is forbidden is to fall slave to the worst of the worst, and this I will not do. I hope I could endure what Mark Steyn has endured in defense of his truth, but at the very least I can do this little bit to bear a part of the burden of civilization we all share.

For sane Muslims and for those who would wish to aid in the intellectual manumission of sane Muslims, this is how you rid yourself of Cautious tyranny, by standing firmly and unflinchingly, calmly intoning: “Do your worst. I will not kneel.”

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