Linking frees slaves: Newsy notes from the nets.

Fun, interesting links in no special order:

Las Vegas is a wonder to behold, and it’s even more wonderful by helicopter. This panorama web site almost as cool as Vegas by helicopter.

What happens when the State of California bans foie gras? Lovers of over-fattened duck cluck defiance.

Meanwhile, it’s vampire versus vampire in Los Angeles. Who should decide how real estate should be developed — hi-rise zoning advocates or their lo-rise opponents? Anyone but the people who risked their own money to buy the land, apparently.

Susan Callaway has this to say to you: I carry a gun. Get over it. Her essay is a nice defense of the continuous-carry idea.

From the bulging universe of net.based education: “Online courses free for the taking” and “Online universities are the future of higher education.” Ya think?

And here is a question that I can only answer with conjectures: Why is there Fathertongue? Here is an interestingly plausible answer: Because only the very smartest of proto-humans survived a mass extinction. It’s possible that all human beings are descended from one single tribe of survivors.

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  • Jon

    Loved the Fathertongue article! Fascinating stuff. lol I feel very fortunate to live in a time when there is a large cohort of available females, and biologists are not desperately seeking male gonads!

  • Jim Klein

    Is the conjecture that Fathertongue itself carried with the survivors of near-extinction? That’s far-fetched IMO. Rand did a decent job explaining how concepts develop, if we posit the human ability to internally store +/- classifications of “distilled” attributes. This would be a form of “referential symbolism,” leading to the ultimate step of perceptible morphemes and the development of spoken language.

    Phonemics takes care of the rest. To this day, many simple roots and words demonstrate a relationship between the muscular movements of the jaw and tongue, and the meaning.of the audible concept. This is why I continue to believe there’s a relationship between “value” and “volition,” even as the etymological record shows none whatsoever. The conjecture here is that it predates recorded history, though that’s pretty far-fetched itself.

    Now if the theory is that the few survivors carried the gene for “internal referential symbolism,” as distinct from lower animals, then I suppose that makes some sense. In any event, it’s not tough to imagine going from there to audible concepts. It also handily explains why we can share so much genetic material with our closest cousins, and yet be so different. They haven’t crossed that tiny, yet critical, step of being able to store memories referentially as opposed to their super-complex “direct” storage of the perceptions themselves. They may know which situations lead to pleasure or pain, but it appears that they can’t call them anything at all…absent our ability to anthropomorphize and project, knowing what we would be saying if we were them.