The actual soul of wit: Moral philosophy in one algorithm.


From October 11, 2015. RTFM or see the movie.

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  • Greg. I suppose it’s fine if you pretend your witticisms are more than the philosophical equivalent of dick and fart jokes. I mean, I find dick and fart jokes humorous also. I find meaning and analogy helpful. I find ridicule entertaining. But they are the political equivalent of jacking off because you can’t get laid, and not voting because you have no chance, versus having sex, and rewriting the constitution because with both women and ideas you have won.

    So, you don’t seem to understand. I agree that stupid people need an intuitionistic analogist like you. In a division of perception, cognition, knowledge, and advocacy, I accept that stupid people need your work and smart people need my work. I just didn’t understand why you choose to attack my work for smart people when I didn’t attack your work for stupid people. Or why you don’t grasp that the world needs ideas for stupid people as as well as smart people – and always has. We need stupid people to storm the gates as canon fodder, or at least to tend the luggage. We need smart people to act as officers and to rule. We need a division of cognition and labor for serving the distribution of people who are stupid as well as smart.

    After all. We are largely saying the same things. Except you’re distributing meaning, understanding, tools of shaming, and self satisfaction as an escapist self defense for the disenfranchised – and I’m distributing social science for the next generation of rule of law, that can be imposed by force.

    But thank you for your repeat references, since all publicity is good publicity. 😉

    (The Kim Jong Il piece is awesome by the way.)

    – Cheers 🙂

    ( PS: The opposite of “tl;dr”, or “too long; didn’t read”, is “ts;sr”, or “too stupid, stopped reading.” The difference is, stupid people type the former, and smart people don’t bother typing the latter. )

    • On tilt much?

      tl;dr, IAC.

      Ci is an underfathered profile. Was your father distant or entirely absent when you were young?

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