Movie of the week: “The Conversation” writ large, The Army of Cartmans, thinking about the subjunctive and linking frees slaves.

I made another video, this one highlighting some of the issues we dealt with here this week. I don’t know that I’ll do this every week, but it’s not terribly difficult, so it’s a possibility. I’ve got a YouTube page half set up, and I’ll build an iTunes site, too, to echo the videos as audio podcasts.

In this weeks’ action packed episode, we take up The Conversation, the global dialog about self-adoration that I am trying to incite. I talk at some length about the fiasco that was The Army of Cartmans. To flesh out the idea of the existential, taken up in last week’s video, I explore the idea of the subjunctive. And to conclude, I discuss the idea that “Linking Frees Slaves” — linking from your own work to the sources you are citing is a transparent demonstration of your own credibility.

I’ve written at length about linking as a proof of reliability:

The purpose of linking is to demonstrate to your audience that you are telling the truth. By means of the link, you provide your reader with the means to check up on you, to verify your claims, to follow up on the sources you say buttress your case, to find out if they really do reinforce what you are saying.

I am scrupulous about linking, and I always have been. I encourage you to follow up on my outbound links to assure yourself that I am not misrepresenting other peoples’ positions.

And with that, the video:

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