Paradise is just a sneeze away…

This project was built to be viral — to be spread by propagation by internet users. Viral memes are spread by “sneezing,” by people sharing the meme with each other. My objective is to get as many people as possible to read Man Alive!, ideally as quickly as possible. We’re disintermediating “thought leaders,” plain and simple, helping people free themselves to think for themselves.

That’s where you come in. If you want to see these ideas spread, there are things you can do that can make a big difference. I’m going to list some I’ve thought of, but I know there are plenty of other ideas. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Blogging. If you have a weblog or web site, or if you post to public forums, writing about the book is a great way to introduce people to the ideas taken up in Man Alive! So far, Sunni Maravillosa and Kent McManigal have written blog reviews of the book. Avail yourself of the propagation kit and the image library to work your magic.
  • Commenting. Leaving apposite comments on web sites with a link back here can be a great way to draw people to People are looking for answers. Some will click through to learn what you know.
  • Twitter. @TeriLussier is becoming a goddess among libertarians at #tlot (top libertarians on Twitter). If you tweet, you can retweet Teri or @gswann — that’s me. Links are the coin of the realm on Twitter, so a good Twitter entry is a reflection on a particular post or link. The “share” buttons at the bottom of each post make linked tweets easier to compose.
  • FaceBook. What’s not to Like? 😉 FaceBook is a great resource for viral propagation, because your own network of friends will take your recommendations very seriously.
  • Pinterest. Kent McManigal is taking our image library to the streets. People like to express themselves icongraphically, and we’ve got the most-compellingly iconic ideas around.
  • Other social media sites. There are tons of these sites by now. My desire: If you’re there, I want for Man Alive! and to be there with you.
  • Email. This is the giant-slayer. If you send the PDF version of Man Alive! to the people you love, many of them will read it. You don’t need me to write for you, but this is a killer subject line: “Read this free book. It will change your life.”

And the book will change lives, just as it’s changing yours — just as it’s changing mine. It can be simultaneously safe and satisfying to keep a secret like this to yourself, but this will not advance your own interests nearly as well as sharing these ideas will.

Imagine a world where everyone is changing for the better. This is a paradise you have the power to create. All you have to do is sneeze…

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