Q: When will #Marxism TRULY work? A: When the proletariat exterminates itself.

A trapped rat will gnaw his way out of a wooden box. Trapped people gnaw their way into them.

Photo by: rjp

1. The Trump vote is a slave rebellion.

2. The Tea Party is a slave rebellion.

3. The surge in suicides is a slave rebellion.

4. The obesity epidemic is a slave rebellion.

5. The opioid crisis is a slave rebellion.

6. The middle-class mutiny is a slave rebellion.

7. When slaves can’t run, they rebel. When they can’t do that, they wither.

8. Why should people you despise slave away to keep you alive?

9. Why wouldn’t they prefer to die instead – quickly or slowly?

Practical ontology begins with accepting that facts are facts: There is no contrary to human autonomy. Submit or die? To submit IS to die – as virtually everyone steadfastly pretends not to see.

If you refuse to let people live – they don’t.

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