Saved by Grace from Islamic Workplace Terrorism: Even in the midst of carnage, hope springs eternal.

She may be Grace, but she's hope, too.

She may be Grace, but she’s hope, too.

Yesterday, while the whole world was watching San Bernardino get shot to shit, I was showing off that baby picture to everyone I met.

Her name is Elizabeth Grace Trbovich, but I’ve thought of her simply as Grace since first I heard that name. She is the brand new daughter of my friends Mary Frances Cheney and Dan Michael Trbovich.

She was born on a day of turmoil, but every day is rife with turmoil if you focus on distant noises instead of the values that actually matter in your life.

I’m sad for the people in San Bernardino – including the attackers, who gave their lives for nothing. But I am graced by Grace, by the simple fact of her being.

I wrote this last night to Dan Michael:

I’ve been smiling all day, despite the TV news. A child is an anchor cast into the uncharted harbor of the future. She may be Grace, but she’s hope, too.

The future is a minute or a day or a month from now, but The Future begins on the day your child is born, since now you are striving for someone who will live for decades beyond your own demise.

It is reported that the San Bernardino inventors of Islamic Workplace Terrorism left behind a six-month-old infant – which argues to me that they did not believe in The Future. Sad for them, sad for us, saddest of all for their child.

But: Press on regardless. While the rest of America was watching carnage on TV all day yesterday, I was showing that baby picture to perfect strangers.

Why? Because goodness thrives, hard work pays off, hope springs eternal – and Grace abounds.

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