Telling @LOR3LE1 I love her with a one-two-three punch to #abortion – all as #MyKindOfBenedy.

I am proud to know you, @LOR3LE1.

I am proud to know you, @LOR3LE1.

@LOR3LE1 follows me.
I’ve never felt such
To capture her
could set me free
from self-contained
So please don’t let’s drive her away.

I am ebullient, not addle-pated. I am rich in poetry with the New Year, the result of a three-day dances-with-benedies I did with that most-repellent of benedictions: Abortion.

And comes today news that I am being followed on Twitter, at least for now, by one @LOR3LE1, a conservative commentariette with a huge number of followers. It could be she is but an evanescent effervescence but that matters nothing: She has made my day simply by being – by drawing my attention to herself.

To her attention – and to the attention of all conservatives-writ-large – I would commend: Me. I have unassailable secular defenses for lots of stuff you want – or should want: Chastity, monogamy, father-led families, human liberty. Most importantly, I can argue against abortion better than anyone.

Want proof? I delivered in abundance this week just ending, with a three-act benedy of three-act abortion tracts. I am taking poor Cathleen’s ears to baroquial school with my guitar, and in prose I am spinning ropes from my yarns and cables from my ropes. If my work works for no one else – it’s working better than ever for me.

So see-me-feel-me-touch-me-heal-me, @LOR3LE1. I may be baroque, but I’m the only person I can see who’s fixing anything – and the streets is where I dance:

Act I: A benedy in three acts. When we slaughter our young, we murder The West itself. Show the world a better way in 2016.

Act II: A maledy in three acts. The worst result of Yaron Brook’s abortion evasion? Victims of Objectivism still eat their young.

Act III: A benedy in three acts. Finding visibility, absolution and closure at the choo-choo train at the mall on New Year’s Eve.

I am Driven-Incandescent, so it is in me to demand attention, but I am Driven first, so it is annoying to me that I should ever have to demand attention. This is not an appealing trait, so I am making every effort to be more Sociable in my ravenous, rapacious Drivenaciousness.

Accordingly: @LOR3LE1, I am not an easy friend to have, but I strive to be a loyal one. I am blessed to know you, and I’ll do my best to bestow nothing but blessings upon you.

So: Bless you. Thank you. This post is the first of what I hope will be many affectionate displays.

And: Happy New Year!

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