The world won’t change until people change. If you crave freedom, evangelize egoism.

Money quote: “Five hundred days from today, we could be living in a different world.”

This is more from this week’s video/podcast.

In this clip, I discuss the idea of evangelizing egoism. Here’s why it matters:

The typical libertarian/conservative strategy of lamenting everything in high dudgeon is useless. It’s preaching to the choir, but, much worse, it serves mainly to convince the choir that things can only get worse.

This is completely false. Any problem created by the human mind can be solved by the human mind. But that tautology illuminates the path we must take, doesn’t it? It’s not the state we need to change, nor the legislature. It’s the people.

Human liberty is the consequence of individualism, but individualism is the politics of egoism. We will not turn socialists into libertarians by yelling at them or about them, but we can turn anegoists into egoists — and hence collectivists into individualists — if we can show them why self-adoration offers a better way of life for every human being.

That’s where Man Alive! comes in. People who understand the value of the self can work out everything else on their own. People who do not are frail converts at best, doomed to be burned out in short order by all the bad news libertarian and conservative pundits constantly spew.

If you want to change the world, evangelize egoism. Nothing else that you do will even slow — much less reverse — the tide of tyranny.

Connecting the dots to redeem human civilization – while there is still time…

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