Wanna see #ThriversEd in action, now, today, wherever you are?

What will you find at the skatepark?
All the motivation absent from school.

Photo by: Noah_Diamond

Go to the skatepark.

You’ll see a thriving Institute of Persistent Excellence composed entirely of peaceful, purposeful, playful volunteers.

Dutch Uncles and their adhocracies? Simultaneously abundant and evanescent.

Performances? Duh.

Accountability? Not just right here, right now, but enduringly: The skatepark ethos is reputation-based and hugely honor-bound. Responses to violations are immediate, clear-cut and universally-enforced.

The corollary, perhaps obvious only to me: Zero mutinies.

Most children learn nothing in school, but many of them learn how to live a more-human life at the skatepark.

Oh, but you don’t respect skaters’ values? How very snooty of you. They don’t like you, either.

So go to the skeet range, instead, or to the homebrew rocketeers’ blast-off event. Same culture, different gear.

What we call “hobbies” or “avocations” or “diversions” or “dissipations” are typically anarchies of self-and-mutual-education-without-coercion.

All of those things are ThriversEd. We’re just formalizing play to make it even more productive of human virtues and values.

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