Why do children rebel so comprehensively against schooling? Why do rape victims fight back?

If you read my magnum opus yesterday, you know a lot more about ThriversEd than you did before. Here’s something I figured out only later:

Schooling : Education :: Rape : Love-making

The way we’ve done schooling so far – not just lately, but since the introduction of the classroom model of “efficiency” – has been a graduated consensuality in the same way that the rape college women protest is borne of partial-but-not-dispositive consent.

What would work better than coercion in – and to – the classroom? Why might work better than rape in your marriage?

Photo by: JOHNNY LAI

How do we know this is so? Duh. Rebellion.

Rancorous transactions do not recur voluntarily. Schooling is for its every victim every day more rancorous. Why must this be so? Escape is blocked. It’s a Cautious tyranny. You know, like rape. Thirteen years’ worth, at least.

Yes, it’s a purely metaphorical rape – mere coercion, not a visceral scourging. But a violation is a violation, and to to deny your own past violations by classroom bullies – both by the paid professionals their sadly-underfathered freelance enforcers – is to confess either to deceit or delusion.

Why do teachers have such a tough time with their charges? Why do all of them hate school – the kids and the teachers?

It turns out people don’t like to be raped, not even metaphorically and in bulk.

What would work better than coercion in – and to – the classroom?

Why might work better than rape in your marriage?

What could be more obvious, right?

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  • I went to government school from K-12 and beyond. I enjoyed 99.99% of it. I often signed up for government summer school on top of that. Those teachers I remember seemed to enjoy their jobs as best I could determine. I have a sister with a son. I always encouraged him not to be sent to school but her desire to have him “socialized” trumped my mere suggestions. I think my nephew turned out at the very least OK. He spent a lot of time then and now playing drums in a metalcore band. His social media is an exclusive list of songs, classical, instrumental and otherwise.

    • To Cathleen, my wife, I say, “Sniff your armpit.” She doesn’t sweat much, so she could smell freshly-showered for days, if she wanted. The point is that extreme outliers don’t count. Me, neither. By being cranked so differently from other people, we see the world from a different place – and so report widely-divergent results. That’s really what I’m doing, all my life but more insistently since 2012: Showing why moving in my direction will be better for everyone.