You will not rid the world of cannibals by eating them — but don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the menu.

Day 103/365 - Squeeze it, Mr Hot Dog
Great Beyond / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Imposing punitive taxes on your political enemies is a bad idea, one of many bad ideas floating around in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s re-election.

Saul Alinsky was evil. Emulating his tactics is evil.

Karl Marx was evil. Adopting his philosophy is evil.

Still worse, sanctifying theft in pursuit of retribution serves only to further escalate this eternal cold war of theft and retribution.

Would-be generals who let slip the dogs of war always manage to seem surprised when those dogs come back to bite them on the ass, but there is nothing surprising about any of this.

There is no justice in crime. You will not rid the world of cannibals by eating them. But you will hand your enemies an engraved invitation to devour you with your own moral sanction.

How stupid is that?

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