Your gods have failed you again, but now more than ever, you know you’re in this all alone.


Sadly, I overestimated the self-love of the American voter.

In the battle of moocher versus moocher, the candidate of the faux-compassionate moochers beat the champion of the putatively-responsible moochers.

Here’s the worst news: The moochers won. Again.

But here’s the best news: Now more than ever, you know you’re on your own.

If you thought a white shoe Rotarian Socialist like Mitt Romney was going to protect you from the openly demonic moochers of the left, now know you he can’t.

If you held your nose and voted for the heaps of rotting garbage festering in the big tent of the Republican party, now you know you can go forth and soil yourself no more.

If you hoped to pray to desperately believe that someone, somewhere would rise up to defend your life in your place, now you know this will not happen.

You’re in this all alone. Now you know.

There is no savior. There is no just and righteous mob. There are no good-bad-guys who will save you from the even-worse-guys. There are just criminals, beguiling rent-seekers preying upon your fears in anticipation of preying upon your values — upon your mind, upon your family, upon your property — in the end upon your flesh.

That’s a fate worth avoiding, but you will not escape the ravages of pandemic crime by becoming one with the criminals. You will not rid the world of cannibals by eating them. None of this is easy to take, but it’s the smaller loss, even so: You can rip off the band-aid now and suffer a minor pain, or you can watch in horror as everything you love is destroyed and devoured by the people you thought you had enlisted to protect you.

You’re in this all alone. No one will provide for you if you won’t provide for yourself. No one will protect you from crime if you won’t defend your own life and values. No one will save you, now or ever, from the far-worse-than-you-have-ever-imagined-guys.

But criminals are lazy; that’s why they’re criminals. In consequence, no one will stop you from doing as you choose. From pursuing your own values, divil take the hindmost. From providing for yourself and your family. From protecting the things you love. From keeping the flame of humanity alive in the only place it can ever exist — in the silence and solitude of your own mind.

You looked for your salvation outside of your self, and this was a mistake. You put your faith in princes, and that faith was betrayed. You listened longingly, surrendering your time and your money and your hope, as one demagogue after another swore to you that “We’re all in this together!”

It was all a lie, and now you know that.

Be who you are. Do what you want. Have what you love.

Cultivate indifference. Pursue indestructibility. And press on regardless.

You’re in this all alone. Respond accordingly.

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