“Being ahead of your time means never being invited back…”

That’s Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury. She’s been blogging for twelve years, and her writing is sharper than ever. Like Steyn and Mencken, she is interesting by default, content be damned. Little minds would call this mastery amid the mundane, not knowing — not knowing how to know — that to the master nothing is mundane. The world is made fascinating by a focused fascination, and Shaidle distills her fascinations into a potent liquor. I commend you to savor her writing — if you can stop yourself from guzzling it instead.

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  • Thanks for showing me a great new blog to visit each day! I tried to leave a comment there, but was not able to do so… will continue to read and hope to figure it out eventually. 🙂

    • I think she may have comments turned off. Or perhaps you need to register. She hears from a lot of trolls.

      • I see one comment… yours. No mechanism to “register” that I can see, however.

        Her choice, of course, but I much prefer the back and forth of a well moderated comment section. Trolls are not difficult to deal with… modern software is wonderful that way. 🙂

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