Who was a bigger loser than Obama in last night’s debate? McCain. Hillary. And you…

Obama is a fatuous, lazy, smug, smirking malignant narcissistPublic opinion is a fancy expression for the assiduous tabulation of mindlessness. Many Americans caught their first true glimpse of Barack Obama last night. People who attend to objective reality, rather than to “trusted” interpreters, have known for years that Obama is a fatuous, lazy, smug, smirking malignant narcissist — precisely what we saw on television last night. Those who yearn to see with their ears and to know with their intestines had a rude awakening as the curtains were finally drawn on the man behind the curtain.

How sad for them. Wishing failed them yet again, even though they have been wishing really, really hard, for every moment of their benighted lives, for a way to make crime pay. If the Great Multicultural Hope has failed them, some of them might actually take the trouble to think about the world around them — but please don’t hold dinner waiting for this to happen.

Meanwhile, as big a loser as Obama finally exposed himself to be last night, we discovered in consequence two even bigger losers among big name politicians: John McCain and Hillary Clinton. How could both of them turn out to be even more empty than the empty suit now posing as president of the United States?

Which is not to say that either would have been better as president. McCain never met a principle he would not betray for three more minutes of Sunday-morning TV time, and, as vicious a harridan as Hillary has proved herself to be, her Arkancide strategy has nothing on the Chicago Outfit’s tactics. Don’t believe me? Ask Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts — twenty years from now, assuming he finally feels safe enough to talk by then.

But, of course, the biggest loser in last night’s debate was you. Hillary loved her kneecaps too much to send Obama back to the classroom, where he actually fits in. And McCain is congenitally incapable of discovering his own shortcomings, to the extent that Obama actually looked good to voters by comparison.

It remains to be seen if Mitt Romney can improve on their lame efforts — which is not to imply that Romney will do anything to slow the growth of the Nanny State. Plausibly, his assigned role is to take the blame for the inevitable collapse of the criminal conspiracy that is Rotarian Socialism.

But here is a partial list of the losses you have suffered because Americans elected an incompetent limousine liberal hobby horse whose sole qualification for the presidency was his skin color:

* ObamaCare — which may be the last nail in the coffin of American liberty.

* The coal industry — and much of the energy sector along with it.

* The automobile industry — at least the part of it owned by American companies.

* The vaunted “rule of law” — staid, predictable, orderly criminality as against the capricious Chicago Way.

* America’s credit rating, the American dollar and the future standard of living of America’s children.

* And two more votes for tyranny on the Supreme Court — along with a Chief Justice who fears for his kneecaps even more than Hillary did for hers.

The problems we face are not caused by liberals — who are simply cowardly Marxists. They are not caused by conservatives — who are nothing more than even-more-cowardly Marxists. The world is going to hell on a hand-truck because ordinary people have surrendered their minds to “trusted” interpreters of the objective reality that is always accessible to their own direct observation.

Americans saw Barack Obama with their own eyes last night. They have been lied to for years, and now they know it by their own first-hand experience. If they learn from this experience, the world will change overnight.

And if they don’t…?

If ordinary, decent people do not learn to see with their own eyes and think with their own minds, they will in due course have the honor of discovering just how much more they have to lose…

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