Cultivating Splendor: An atheist egoist church, philosophy without a net – and you.

I’m staring at you – and you know it.

I’m staring at you – and you know it.

The Church of Splendor is growing. With half-a-year’s worth of services in the vault, Anthony ‘Dream’ Johnson of The 21 Convention is taking on the live streaming with his much more robust Youtube powers. Anthony has been a fast friend to my ideas since the publication of Man Alive, and he has been very generous in sharing with me the enormous audience he has built over the years.

Here’s the link to the video stream. And: New praxis, new mistakes, I promise, so don’t be dismayed by miscellaneous shake-out-ery. No errors, no art. No garage, no garage-band discourse. It’s not philosophy to my satisfaction until it’s philosophy without a net – until you’ve bet your life on it.

Is all of this a mystery to you? I’m talking about The Church of Splendor, my atheist egoist garage-band televangelical mission.

An atheist egoist church? How does that work? More big ideas, fewer big hats, same damn offering plate. The Church of Splendor is moral philosophy for people who know why they need one, practical ontology from the gritty to the grandiose. That is to say: You ain’t never been to a church like this.

This week I plan to talk about the Carney’s high art of persuasion: How to read people and influence decisions. Until you understand the transaction from the buyer’s motivations, you don’t know what you’re selling. We’re going to talk about a simple sizing-up exercise that will tell you what to sell to get what you want.

Who am I preaching to? That would be you. I love my part of The Church of Splendor because I get to talk right at your mind, and you are stripped both of your defenses and of your need to be defended. That’s my kind of fun.

The Church of Splendor. This Sunday and every Sunday at 10 am MST, streaming thereafter.

Come play with me?

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