Movie of the week: Dead-end teleologies and the organized war on self-adoration. Too dour? Make room on your calendar for Splendorday.

Just a couple of topics this week.

The idea of dead-end teleologies is vital I think. If your philosophical claims about human behavior are in conflict with your actual everyday existential behavior, the intellectual error can cascade into a self-destructive cognitive dissonance.

In that segment of the video, I dismiss Artificial Intelligence as a Dancing Bear Theory — an invalid conflation of canned-human intelligence with an illusory “machine” intelligence. From my past, an argument that current Artificial Intelligence theory has not and probably will not achieve the claims made for it:

Every organism is aware of its environment to some degree, but there is no such thing as computing hardware or software that is aware in this way. Siri is not as smart as a helpful child. Siri is not even as smart as an amoeba. Siri is not aware of anything, ever, nor is any other piece of AI technology. This is a fundamental ontological misidentification, and it is the source of all the absurd claims made about Artificial Intelligence.

We also take up the idea of organizations in general and their built-in propensity to frustrate, punish or purge the sovereign self.

What dishes more fulfilling could we serve up on Mother’s Day? We close with an appeal to win the world by Splendorday, August 21st, 2013.

The audio-only version of this video is linked below, or you can find the podcast on iTunes.

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