Which organizations best promote the idea of self-adoration? None of them.

From this week’s videocast, a short discussion of the nature of groups and why they are most fundamentally anti-self, and that a person seeking the benefits of self-adoration must anticipate that most groups will strive to frustrate that objective.

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  • That’s answer I expected but not what I wanted (and it’s because I asked the wrong question). I’m more looking for modeling ideas which, in the arena of egoism is relying on the collective (I get that) but..

    I can look at people whom I admire and wonder what paths they traveled to get where they are. If I can discover patterns, I might improve chances of producing freedom loving individuals by suggesting those paths as foundational building blocks. The answer still might be the one you offered, for the reasons you cited, but I’m curious enough to look to see if those patterns exist.

    • If you’re looking for something reliably consistent, look to social outcasts — people who want to do something that most other people scorn. That’s not useful for your purposes, though, since those people are going to self-select for out-of-the-mainstream ideas of every variety, and they’ll do it without your help.

      If you want to evangelize egoism, that’s what Man Alive! is for. People trusted in The System, and their trust was betrayed. They are more than ready to listen to new ideas. All of us were egoists at age five. You can engage a lot of people if you can walk them through the gradual loss of their sovereignty — and help them get it back.

  • “If you’re looking for something reliably consistent, look to social outcasts”

    That’s good advice. Think of my idea as a Napoleon Hill project, a “Think and Grow Free” for the modern age

    • > “Think and Grow Free” for the modern age

      There we go. This is what needs to happen. There is no magic bullet. We change the world one mind at a time.

  • Alan

    This reminds me of an old Steve Martin routine in which he invites the audience to join him in The Non-conformist’s oath:
    1. I promise to be different! (crowd thunders back)
    2. I promise to be unique! (crowd thunders back)
    3. I promise not to repeat things other people say! (confused laughter)