My first quarter: #Love, #sex, #death, #chastity and a brand new #atheist, #egoist #church.

Poetry is leadership is dance, and they will prove that to you if it takes them all afternoon.Prabhu B Doss / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

I had a killer first quarter, secular arguments about marriage, chastity, life and death — and about the nature of secular arguments as such.

Some highlights:

  • A happy, working family will be led by the father. Marriages work when the husband asserts his leadership responsibilities, and they fail when he abdicates on that role.
  • Chastity rules! Sex outside of the active pursuit of marriage will impair your chances of finding (and keeping!) your ideal perfect spouse, and indiscriminate sex will gradually grind your self away to nothing.
  • You can go to church, but leave god at home. If a moral proposition is actually true and useful, it can be proved rationally, butressed by evidence that can be examined in detail by any observer. I am demonstrating this notion by means of the secular proof of everything that matters. Meanwhile, we go to church to be regularly reminded of the values and virtues we live by, and this is what I am endeavoring to do. You could help.
  • Poetry is leadership. We flail about aimlessly because we have thrown away the map by which human civilization is guided: Poetry.
  • Alleluia! True redemption can be yours now – in this life, not one you’re hoping for in the great beyond.
  • Consequently, you can live with no fear of death.

Philosophy, science and academia won’t touch this stuff, and religion can’t prove its claims. I’ve got the true goods, a moral philosophy that is demonstrably consonant to the nature of the uniquely-human life, but you must prove that proposition for yourself.

The silence that has greeted Man Alive and the ideas undergirding that book has been deafening, but that’s hardly surprising. What do people do when they first encounter a truly new idea? I should be grateful to be, at least until now, unassailed by stones, unsurrounded, unhounded by bearers of torches and pitchforks. But I am saddened, too, because two more years of your life are gone, and you have yet to begin the process of becoming most fully your self.

That much could change today. Moral philosophy matters. Good and evil matter. Right and wrong matter. Joy matters. You know it does, because you spend half your mental effort, at least, telling yourself it doesn’t, not really, not as much as the self-destructive choices you are trying and failing to rationalize.

I can show you how to fix everything in your life. Not immediately, not miraculously, but gradually, incrementally yet inexorably, over time. I can show you how to live the life you’ve always dreamed about – no fake, no fail and no risk.

The first step? Turn around. You’re facing the wrong direction.

If you pursue this playlist in order, you can see how my thinking has developed these past three months, one presentation at a time.

Stay tuned: There is more to come.

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